19 November 2013

Lac Attack Magical Mischief collection swatches!

Hello lacquered lovelies! It's that time agaiiiiin!

Anastasia and I have been discussing a follow up to Magical Musings for a while and it's finally here! I expect to get emotional writing about each shade because this is a character-inspired collection and it has some polishes dedicated to my absolute favourites. As I did the first time, expect some fangirling and background on the character (or thing) that inspired each shade.

So I'm not repeating it a thousand times - the vast majority of the time, I used one coat of a base colour and then layered the glitters over top. I used topcoat on every polish except Weasley is Our King and Padfoot. The topcoat I used this go round was China Glaze Fast Forward and I did use a basecoat because some of my layerings were over such strong colours.

So, let's get started under a cut because oh god so many pictures!

02 October 2013

Matching manicure with Jen

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy hump dayyyy. I hope you're all having a good week! I know it's been a while. I haven't got any excuses and you don't want to hear them, so let's just pretend this is a thing that I do often (like it used to be... those were the days) and get started.

So recently, Jen and I decided to start doing matching manicures once a month. There's a tag for it on instagram, #bestietwinnails, and I would see some really cute manicures from people I followed, so I suggested it to Jen one day and she was on board! We've done one matching manicure so far, the theme was blue and holo stamping, but we didn't post on them. They're on our instagram profiles if you're curious, though!

This time around, we decided it was time for fall colours. We chose purple (it was originally purple and brown, which sounds great in theory but ends up being a hot damn mess on, as we both discovered lolol) and decided to go with metallic shades instead of the brown. I haven't seen what Jen came up with yet, since I'm scheduling this post, but I know she's super excited about it so I'm dying to see!

For my part, I started out with a base (two coats) of a-england Elaine, a beautiful dark purple with a slightly dusty quality to it. This is such a sumptuous shade, it makes me think of heavy fabrics haha. So I decided to sort of go with that theme and attempt my first flower nails??? I used a tutorial by cutepolish because it looks simple when she does anything haha. I made dots with OPI Honey Ryder (unsurprisingly, I am completely obsessed with textures because texture and glitter-esque), then traced an outline with Essie Penny Talk. The leaves are China Glaze Cherish. I used Glossy Glam for topcoat, which I'm trying out now that Katie carries it. So far I dig it, I'm not sure if I'll swap out my beloved Fast Forward for it but it's good.

My hands are clearly out of macro shape, sorry loves. I tried to fix it as best I could but photoshop and I are definitely not friends haha.

So, there we go. Not my best, but I don't think this type of nail art is that suited to using metallics with tbh. Metallics are too unforgiving, which I have learned the hard way haha! I don't hate them but they aren't my favourites either.

You should go check out Jen's post instead, because I know her manicure is awesome since she was so stoked on it!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

04 June 2013

Mermaid nails

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday :)

Just another quick post - I've got a backlog of photos I'm working my way through whenever I find myself inspired to post. I think the next one will probably be a gradient round up... I've been obsessed with them lately.

After getting my paws on the Red Angel plates, I knew I had to do mermaid nails. There's a stamp that looks like scales (I know some people use the fishnet type designs but I'm weird and never did) so I decided to give it a go! Started with a base of Essie Blanc, then dabbed Essie In the Cabana, Boxer Shorts, Turquoise & Caicos... bit of Illamasqua Jo'Mina too... but it ended up being mainly the blues that were visible. Then I added Fingerpaints Twisted and Flecked. After that dried, I stamped over it using RA111 and Color Club Halo-graphic. So many layers omg. All of my manicures lately seem to involve an excessive amount of layers haha.

What do you guys think? Have you been doing any stamping lately? I love stamping with holos, it always looks good and in the sun it's so gorgeous!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

31 May 2013

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection swatches and review

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I've got swatches of the beautiful new polishes from a-england. Adina has made more beautiful holos! These were inspired by a series of Sleeping Beauty paintings by Edward Burne-Jones. So interesting!

So I'm not repeating myself on this - the formula on these was amazing, unsurprisingly. If you use thicker coats, you'll probably be able to get away with one coat! I used two thin coats for each swatch, no topcoat. They dry quite shiny - I didn't include shade photos for all of them but I did snap one, just to show you how glossy they are.

The holographic effect in Adina's polishes is always so interesting. Lots of links there but I've reviewed a lot of a-england beauties! It's not in your face like the Layla holos. It's more scattered and subtle - they're like classy holos. They seem sophisticated and beautiful but they still have that sparkle we all love so much.

Let's get started! Swatches below the cut because there's a lot of photos haha.

23 May 2013

Neon tribal-esque

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Thursday! TVD ended last week... I am le sad about it. But I loved the finale! Anyone else? I'm still stoked.

Anyway, I've just got a quick post for you. I'm going to be back in full swing on Monday, three posts a week. I really am this time. I've got stuff scheduled and everything, like I'm a real blogger.

Marta of Chit Chat Nails recently posted on Instagram that she was looking to sell a few of her sets of stamping plates. I've wanted the Red Angel stamping plates for ages but there was something up with them shipping internationally... not sure if that's sorted now but anyway, I decided to take the chance to get them! Then I stared at them for ages... before settling on a neon tribal-esque manicure. I don't think I've ever actually done tribal nail art before so this was a good baby step haha.

I started out with two coats of Essie Blanc, one of my favourite whites. Then I just sponged. On half my nails, I used (cuticle to tip, index and ring): China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada, China Glaze That's Shore Bright and Color Club Chelsea Girl. On my middle and pinky fingernails I used China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, Color Club Wham! Pow! and Orly Va Va Voom. Then I stamped using Konad black and RA 114. Topcoat and I was good to go! These were so fabulously tacky and bright in person. I loved them.

My goal is to post a "nail art" manicure once a week, hopefully. So that means mostly stamping because I can't freehand to save my life haha.

What do you guys think? Have you done any tribal-inspired nails? Are you busting out your neons yet?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


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