24 December 2010

Guest nails!

Hello everyone!

So as Nicole mentioned, I hosted a nail polish party at my house a few days ago. It was most excellent. And everyone present painted their nails, so I decided to snap pictures of them! These are all pre-clean up, so excuse the mess, but this was so fun! I'll make sure to write the names of everything we used underneath the pictures.

Also, apologies in advance, I'm going to double post today, once I finish this one I'll do a NOTD and a winter design. I feel terrible about how behind I've been on them! And Nicole and I still have pictures from when we swatched the box of nail polish we got... it's all building up already but I'm really excited about this.

Okay... so I'm working on this post now and it's actually now even more late, since it's past midnight, but... A for effort? Please?

These are Dan's hands. Yes, they belong to a guy. This is Color Club "Poptastic", stamped with a unicorn (I don't know the Konad plate number, sorry, it's not mine, it's Nicole's!) using China Glaze "LOL", a holographic purple which is super fab and coming up next as a full manicure. And then Nicole added China Glaze "Fairy Dust", because HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER NEEDS NO EXPLANATION.

This hand belongs to Liz. She painted her nails with China Glaze "LOL", from the OMG collection. MAN. Who else is super stoked on Tronica? I love holographics and ChG does them so well, but not often enough.

Jaimie's hands, with a tantilizing glimpse of the stove in the background. Hopefully you recognize this polish! It's OPI "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous" and it's a gorgeousssssssssss colour.

These are Holland's nails. Some of these have Harry Potter colour themes. We love Harry Potter. Holland loves Slytherin. As a base, he's got OPI "Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow", the "suede" (matte) one, with silver argyle stamped using Nicole by OPI "Positive Energy", which works quite well for stamping and is also gorgeous on its own.

Again, pre-clean up, but that's what it actually looked like. Haha. Holland's MANicure. 

And these nails belong to James! The base is China Glaze "Recycle" (I looooove this colour), stamped with the blue Konad polish and a plaid design. Like Ravenclaw colours in the movie, right?

And these are Sarah's nails! Her base was China Glaze "Ruby Pumps", because it's awesome, with hearts and these sort of snowflake designs stamped over top with the white Konad polish.

And I have one more set of guest nails to show!

These are my twin sister's nails. Her name is Erin. My family is staying with me for a few days for Christmas (yay!) and I didn't know she was going to be here too (they said she was going to Mexico, what the heck) but I'm glad she is. Anyway, her base is China Glaze "Blue Island Iced Tea", with snowflakes stamped over top.

The thing is, see how tiny her nails are? I had very little space to work with, it was so hard to line everything up when it was like, "oh no, the stamp eats her nail!"

But they did come out cute. I quite liked them.

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  1. ok, so i know you posted this a while ago but weirrd! you have a twin?! i am a triplet (aka i say twin because i have a sister and a brother!) are you identical?


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