12 December 2010

Our very first post!

So Nicole and I decided to swatch a bunch of Christmas colours while we baked shortbread and minty naniamo bars. These are our very first swatches, so they're not very good yet... I didn't go very far down near my cuticle just to make removal easier. So yeah... let's get started.

OPI "Color so Hot it Berns". It's so hard to not write "colour". Anywayyyy, isn't this a nice red? My clean up on all of these is really shitty but it's such a nice red. A very nice cream, no shimmer at all. It's from the Swiss collection.

OPI "Yodel Me on My Cell" I got this one in that mini Swiss collection. It's pretty but a bit sheer, this is three coats and I could still see VNL in real life. I was going to say "irl" but that'd be too many abbreviations to go one after the other.

I only included one bottle picture, but this is actually two colours. Two are China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" and two are Sally Hansen Xtreme blah blah in "Red Carpet". Pretty much the same, right? Another picture to show the difference. Excuse the rain drops on my nails tehe.

Pointer and ring finger are Ruby Pumps, middle and pinky are Red Carpet. I'd say that Red Carpet is a bit deeper, whereas RP is more of a true red, though actually, the colour payoff with Sally Hansen is a lot better. These are each three coats for the sake of comparison, but RC would've been fine with two.

Macro of China Glaze "Mistletoe Kisses". A;DSLHGAS; SO GORGEOUS.

I'm totally in love with this nail polish. I don't know what else to say. I love the silver glitter in it. It's gorgeous and pretty unique, isn't it?

OPI "An Affair in Red Square". This is Nicole's polish but I needed to try it. It's stunning. It's got a bit of shimmer to it but the focal point is still the gorgeous red. LOVE.
$OPI (Sephora by OPI) "What's Your Point-settia?" This is also Nicole's and it is also super gorgeous. You need this colour. It's a darker red with gold microglitter in it. I don't even care if poinsettias actually look like this, I wish they did if they don't.

Another macro. Lookit that glitter (and more raindrops).


First up for me is Color Club "Pretty in Platinum". I absolutely adore this colour, it's all opaque and pearly and white and awesome. The dry time is great, but that seems to be pretty standard for Color Club polishes.

Another Color Club polish, this one is "Rule Breaker". I should say that I don't have a lot of greens in my collection because I have really terrible luck with finding shades that don't make my skin look like crap. This one, though, I really like. Probably because it has a bit of blue in it, and I really like blue.

I honestly have no idea what this polish is. I found it while cleaning my room a while ago, and apparently I got it during my rip-the-labels-off-of-everything phase. It's incredibly sheer, and I sometimes like to put a really light coat of it over top of other polishes just to see what it looks like. At the moment it's over top of Rule Breaker.

Another one of my few greens is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in "Emerald City". I bought this one a few weeks ago when I needed a Christmas green to go with An Affair in Red Square. It's very sheer, but has a really nice shimmer in it. I think it's well worth three coats, even if it takes a while to dry completely.

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. This one is Sephora brand "Picnic in the Park". I like the colour of this one just fine, and the formula is pretty good. The brush is very reminiscent of the enormous Rimmel brushes, but that's not too much of an issue. The problem I had was with staining. When I tried to take this polish off, it turned my fingers so green. Even after I went over it with the heavy-duty polish remover with acetone. Balls.

I put the mystery shimmery green over top of Picnic in the Park just to see what it would look like. It doesn't change the shade very much, just makes it kinda sparkly.

AGH GREEN ZOMBIE FINGERSSSSS. Do your best to ignore how terribly stained my hands are in this picture, I swear it gets better in the next picture. The polish in this one (other than lingering Picnic in the Park) is OPI "Sanguine" from the Go Goth mini collection that came out for Halloween. It's much more red and less brown in real life than in this picture, but I blame the fact that the sun ran away for that. It's also less streaky-looking in real life.

I think this one is my new love. China Glaze "Platinum Pearl". It's incredibly brush-strokey, but I don't care. It takes at least three coats (or at least it did for me) to make it nice and opaque, and you really have to wait for it to dry before you can do anything. Because of how frosty it is, every single little smudge shows up, so you have to be super careful. Totally worth it though.

HOLY COW there's a lot of pictures. Apologies. But thanks for reading! 


  1. Having sign in problems, so I'm going to post this as an anonymous... sort of...

    Looks excellent! I need to try all of them at some point or other. Yus. Zombie nails made me lawl.


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