30 January 2011

Blackened Red Comparison

What does everyone think of the new layout and colour scheme? I think Kirsten did a fantastic job. I'm completely useless at all of that HTML stuff (even when I'm using one of those help pages), I'm so lucky to be blogging with someone that knows what they're doing.

Anyway, this is a post that I've been thinking about since Christmas when I got both of the polishes involved. For Christmas, among others, my sister got me a bottle of Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad. When I went to the mall for the Boxing Day sales, I picked up a bottle of OPI Midnight in Moscow, not really remembering that I'd just gotten a very similar polish the day before. I sure as hell remembered when I was putting my polishes away into the storage containers and ended up putting I'm With Brad and Midnight in Moscow right next to each other.

My fingers are far too pink in this picture, but I think the polish colour is fairly accurate, and it shows the shimmer well.

I put Midnight in Moscow on my index and ring fingers, I'm With Brad on middle and pinkie.

Both polishes are very vampy and consist of dark red shimmer in an almost-black base. Both polishes looked almost identical as I painted them onto my nails, and needed two coats for full coverage. I ended up doing three coats on my index and middle fingers though, just for comparison.

This picture shows the brown notes in the shimmer more than the first, and I would say that the actual polish colour is somewhere in between the two.

This was the only picture where I could really see much difference between the two polishes. I'm With Brad seems to have more red in the shimmer than Midnight in Moscow, which seems a little more brown. In all honesty though, it's really hard to tell any difference at all in person. Unless you're staring really intently at the two of them (like I did) you probably can't tell them apart at all.

I would recommend buying one of these two polishes, but the specific polish is up to the individual buyer. 

I was also originally planning on throwing Nicole by OPI Kiss Me At Midnight into the comparison as well, but the bottle I have of it is a mini and it has gotten lost somewhere in the swirling vortex that is my room. Upon studying my swatch of KMAM on my nail wheel against the other two though, it's quite a bit lighter than they are.

What about you, do you have one or both of these polishes? Which one do you prefer?


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