23 January 2011

Fail, Black Shatter and a tragedy.

I really enjoy coming up with titles for things. They're never clever, but I like when I look at the title of something and go, "Right, I know that this is about."

Anyway. I'm kind of going to be skipping around topics here, so bear with me. The first thing I want to mention is that I finally used Zoya Zara in a manicure and it is gorgeous. I already knew it was from swatches, but seeing it on just reinforced it. It was too pale for my pasty flesh, though, so I ended up doing something else.

Sadly, and this is the fail part, I did a terrible job of painting my nails, so no traditional swatch pictures for that. I am sorry. Just google "Zoya Zara" and swatches that are far better than what I could produce will come up. Or just click here.

There is another reason for this. I also broke a nail. Tragic. And then I sliced my thumb open, so you may see a bit of that in one of the pictures... I am so sorry. Tell your eyeballs that I said sorry.

Anyway! Onto the pictures!

This picture was a toss up for me but I decided to include it anyway because you can see the gold. I took these pictures on the bus on the way to work and I'm pretty sure the other passengers thought I was nuts.

Look at what my job does to my nails... all those scratches in such a gorgeous polish! It makes me very sad.

See that skin on my thumb? Yeah. That's part of my wound. So so gross. I am so sorry. I cropped it out when possible.

I was going to use Zara to make our first video tutorial, but then my nail broke. But it will involve one of these two colours. Zara is on the left, of course, and on the right is NARS Pokerface, which I only got for the name with a Sephora gift card that Erin got for me. :) Obviously not the same polish at all. Zara has the gold, Pokerface has more shimmer than a flash like Zara, and the base colours are different. On the downside for Pokerface, though, which I think will be the polish I use, it took AGES to dry on my nail wheel... is this common with NARS polishes?

Mmm, close up of Black Shatter. Excuse the tipwear, I am sorry. This was after three days of wear. I only included this picture because I think it sort of shows that Zara has the gold in it but also tiny green and red particles... it's a very interesting polish and I don't even normally like colours like this.

That is all for now. It's 2:22 AM and I am making a wish. I'll let you in on a secret - it involves sweet dreams of nail polish.

Until next time, lacquered lovelies!


  1. Hi! I found your blog by chance and I like it a lot:), keep posting the cute pictures and we love the awesome colors you choose.

    p.s. I know you aren't suppose to tell a wish cause it won't come true but what did your wish involve? ;-)

  2. Hi Steph! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, it means a lot to us! I got an email notification of your comment and made a weird excited sound haha. :)

    Well, I definitely didn't wish for GOSH Hollgraphic or for the new ChG crackle collection to hurry up... ;-) What did you last wish for?

    Thanks again for reading and commenting!



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