02 January 2011

Kirsten's NYE mani

Hello everyone! I'm a bit late on this, but please forgive me. For new years eve, I went all out with the glitter. I thought I would do it because glitter wears like armour on me, but, unfortunately, my crappy job ensures that no polish is immune from chipping, so it is now changed (to a possible Chanel dupe, though I will never own the Chanel to compare).

Anyway, here are some pictures of my glitter bomb manicure... I hope you enjoy it! Some of the pictures have a band aid to hide my cuticle (isn't that little frog ADORABLE?) but then I figured it was safe to uncover it... This is three coats of the polish, plus two coats of Seche Vite... and you're about to see why!

OPI Mad as a Hatter. A lemming fulfilled. I passed this up when the Alice in Wonderland collection came out (I wasn't really a collector at that point - I liked nail polish a lot but I didn't think I'd ever wear MAAH because - GASP - there was a time when I found glitter juvenile. My wallet hates pretentious douchebag me but it was sooo worth it).

It's seriously so delicious.

Blurry shot to show all the glitter. LOOK AT IT.

I want to lick my computer screen just looking at these pictures.

Here is my uncovered ring finger... ewww look at that poor cuticle. My new years resolution is to stop biting my cuticles... I've got another disaster on my right thumb, but thankfully it's not my swatching hand! This picture also shows you part of my mani fail. I thought I could sponge Show It & Glow It on the tip to give it a lot more pink, but SI&GI does not have the pigmented base that I was expecting. Anybody else notice that OPI seems to steer clear of glitters with a coloured base? Thank god for China Glaze!

Oh, I forgot to mention why there are two shots like this - I got "natural" light bulbs to make up for the days when the sun won't cooperate, so I took pictures twice to see the difference. I still prefer the sunlight but the bulbs aren't too horrible, right?

While I did use two coats of Seche to even it out, I actually really love the rough texture of glitters... I love the way they feel and if I wasn't worried about my nails catching on absolutely EVERYTHING, I wouldn't topcoat them at all!

I'm so in love with this polish that I sent out a group of texts with it and then made some comments that might have made some people uncomfortable. I had a long text conversation with Nicole about how I wanted to drink this polish, vomit and then slowly die of the inevitable poison laying in my glittertastic vomit. 

I know. It's weird to think that there was ever a time that I didn't love glitter when I say things like that. Right?


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