23 January 2011

Playing around with Anchors Away! PIC HEAVY

Guess who's back from Mexico!

It's Nicole, in case you didn't figure it out.

Yesterday was my first full day back from the land of sun, and I wasn't going to let the cloudy weather bring me down, so I gathered up my cousin and we went out polish hunting. By the end of the day, I had damn near every polish in the China Glaze Anchors Away collection.

I plan to swatch each colour individually, but today was a bit rough for me so I needed to do something super awesome with my nails to cheer myself up.

And here it is! This is First Mate layered under Lighthouse. In my head, this is what Zoya Edyta looks like. I know Edyta actually looks nothing like this because I have worn it, but in my head this is what it looks like.

Now, I'm not at my house at the moment so I don't have access to my natural light bulb, which means I have to improvise a little bit. That first picture was taken under a soft incandescent light in the kitchen.

And this picture and the next one were taken under my granny's sewing light.

The kitchen light makes the gold from Lighthouse much more prominent, and the sewing light puts more of the focus on First Mate. In reality, it's somewhere in between the two. If I can get some sunlight tomorrow, I'll try to get a picture to add in as well.

Either way, I think the polish combination is completely and utterly gorgeous. First Mate provides a nice creamy base and the coolness that my pasty hands need, and Lighthouse provides the gold shimmer that I've fallen in love with lately. The gold shimmer is totally beautiful in person, but my camera refuses to capture the depth of it, which is disappointing.

Both polishes applied so smoothly, I was completely thrilled with them. First Mate is almost a one-coater, but I had a few stray bald spots on some of my nails, so I just did two coats on all nails to keep consistent. Dry time was excellent for both polishes and I definitely recommend them and all of the others from the Anchors Away collection.

Kirsten's turn now!

Oh hi, lacquered lovelies. I am totally thrilled that Nicole is back because Nicole is back and I don't need a better reason than that. Did you miss seeing her nails? I sure did!

So as Nicole mentioned, she got almost all of Anchors Away yesterday. I went back to the salon today (Chatters... who said they weren't getting AA! The incompetence overwhelms...) to get the last two, but I couldn't bring myself to get Hey, Sailor! I was only interested in it because of Scrangie's post but she could rub... well, unspeakable things on her nails and I would still love them. Her pictures are that good.

Anyway, despite Nicole getting pretty much everything, I got Sunset Sail, one colour we were missing, and Pelican Gray and White Cap because they are stunning. And believe me, they really are.

I took some pictures of PG on its own. I am so sorry about my nail. I'm so sorry. It's slightly better now so I'm including it but trying out different camera angles. I am so sorry.

I did a bit of colour adjusting on this to get the colour right. It's still not perfect, but it's as close as I could get without majorly greying my hands out.

This shows it darker than it actually is, but this is how it looks in lower lighting. It looks a bit more like Recycle here.
And this is Pelican Gray with White Cap layered over it. White Cap is gorgeous and my lamp cannot possibly do this mani justice. I will probably edit this post tomorrow to put sunlight pictures in. If we get any sunlight, that is.

Nghhh so delicious. Is my broken nail distracting from the beauty? :(

I just included this one because I like how it turned out. :)

This is Pelican Gray on its own. Super macro shot so you can see the microshimmer in it. What a gorgeous polish.

This is what the shimmers look like. My index is PG and White Cap and my middle is just PG.

What a gorgeous collection. We're totally in love with it.

How about you? Are there any necessary polishes for you in this collection? What do you think of these combinations?

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  1. I'm so loving how these came out! I've been all about layering lately and I can't wait to try the Pelican Gray/White Cap combo.


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