30 January 2011

Sephora by OPI Glee collection - Hell to the No

Hello lacquered lovelies!

I went to bed really late last night/this morning (I was working on the new blog layout and a few other things - what do you think?) so I took quite a while to drag myself out of bed today. By the time I was done getting ready (and drinking coffee and visiting my roomie and reading haha), it was already almost 3. Ahh, lazy days.

So I decided to wander down to Sephora to see if they had the Urban Ballerina or Glee minis because I kept drooling over Jen's swatches of them. That woman's nails...! She creates a pretty good portion of my lemmings with her pictures... anyway.

I held up the line at Sephora for about ten minutes (I swear, there was nobody in line when I went up to pay for the Glee mini - I just asked about the full size bottles and UB on a whim and another girl dashed to the back to look for me - ahh, being a VIB) but emerged with the two minis, as well as Hell to the No, which I got for Nicole because it's purple with gold shimmah shimmah and has her name all over it. :) I was hoping to get Who Let the Dorks Out? but no luck... I shall have to go back and look again soon.

I noticed that Jen's swatch of HTTN was the only one that I had really seen, so I decided to ask Nicole if I could swatch it in the retreating sunlight. She kindly consented, so here it is for you!

Hell to the No is a mid-toned blue-ish purple with gold shimmer. It's delicious. And my camera is totally incapable of capturing the colour accurately. Look at how much it changes! The natural light pictures are probably the closest, so let's do those first. :)

Excuse the crappy painting job, I literally painted my nails at a bus stop so I could capture the last bit of sunlight when I got home to my camera. We've barely seen the sun lately so I wasn't taking any chances!

For a $OPI name, I'm pretty happy with it. It's not nearly as offensive as some of the other ones... but that's a feminist Kirsten rant for another day.

Om nom nom!

In the "shade"...

And using my "natural" lamp. 

See how different it looks?! It looks a lot darker in these pics than it is in real life!

HOW CAN THIS BE THE SAME POLISH? My camera really sucks. But look at that shimmer!

That's all I've got for now. I'm doing another mani tonight with a Konad accent nail that will involve a very lovely pink... I know, right? I never thought I'd say "lovely" and "pink" in combination either!

Thanks for reading!

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