21 February 2011

Savvy Chocolate

Hello lacquered lovelies. I'm back from Vancouver, yay! I had a good trip. No nail polish hauls to show but I was with the family, it would be totally cruel to bring them along with me when I go hunting!

Today, I have another brown for you. I don't know why I love brown nail polish so much but it could actually overtake my green obsession. Potentially. Some day. Maybe.

This is Savvy Chocolate. In most lights, it looks black.

It really comes alive in the sunlight, though.

I don't know where that random white hair came from...?

This picture shows something that really bugs meeeee. I didn't wrap my tips because I was only going to wear this for a day but LOOK AT THAT SHRINKAGE. I keep trying to give Seche Vite another chance and this is how it keeps repaying me. Rage.


Also... tacked onto Wednesday's post will be some trip pictures and a water marble fail. So look forward to that! I want to start showing my fails because sometimes they're hilarious!

I think this colour is gorgeous. What do you think?


  1. I love this, and brown too! one of my favs is Revlon hot for chocolate. Maybe it's just the name i like?? :)

  2. I looks like a very rich chocolate bar. Yes, it is a winner!

  3. I WANT! is it bad that I check the taglines first and read the blog after? haha, love them!

  4. Hmm. I'd never considering wearing a chocolate brown polish before, but this one is yummy!

  5. Oh my! that's just a lovely color. I thought it had a water swirl in it but on closer inspection i see that it is just super shiny. What a fabulous find!


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