23 February 2011

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl + something horrifying!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Today I have a lovely polish for you. It's snowing here today (which is unusual - I know, I know, all of Canada is covered in snow, right? How else would we make our igloos?!) so I'm feeling pretty bleh. All the places I've lived in have been really snowy and I moved here partly to get away from that, I have terrible luck sometimes! Also, just wanted to say quickly that I hope Jen feels better soon, she's got a killer headache. Send her good vibes!

Anyway, this is Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl. I got this (and Fiji) from my parents this weekend when I went to see them in Vancouver. Vancouver was amazing (and horrifying at times), and I have one scary picture to share after. Not for the faint of heart! Daddy's Girl is a gorgeous purple jelly with gold flakies/glitter in it. I was seriously fascinated by my nails. I kept holding them up to my parents and saying, "Look how squishy! LOOK AT THEM!"

I'd wanted this polish for a while, not that my parents knew that... I don't think? So it's super cool that they got it for me! Fiji is gorgeous too, but I don't have a swatch of it on its own. I loved this polish so much that I actually wore it for a whole weekend - Friday night to Monday afternoon, actually. I had some shrinking issues (curse you, Seche Vite, I just try over and over and this is how I get repaid) but I couldn't bear to take this off, so I added another coat and wrapped my tips. I seriously never do that. Especially not when I brought 10 other polishes with me! (What? I didn't know what I would feel like wearing!)

These pictures are with one coat of Fiji (just to lessen the coats of DG), two coats of Daddy's Girl and Seche Vite. This isn't the bottle colour, it's still a bit darker yet, but I think it's gorgeous! Just a warning, though... my swatches are crap. I'm going to revisit this one at some point because it deserves WAY better than what my sleep-deprived, hopped up on coffee brain did for it.

Boo! Look at that shrinkage! This was the next morning too... I wish I had taken some pictures after I wrapped my tips. Anyway, let me take your mind off of that by showing you something horrifying instead!

While I was in Vancouver, we went to Granville Island, because I might have a teeny obsession with living on a houseboat someday. I don't know why, I just really want to. We went into this cool market, and as we were getting ready to leave we walked past the seafood counter and my eyes fell on this. It was horrifying and I definitely felt a bit nauseous. EWWW.

That's all for today, lovelies! I need to stop posting purples lately, they're so not me!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Ooooo WOW! That is soooo COOOOL! Well, the nail polish is too, but what is that? A baby octopus? Some kinda crazy fish? What? (it is amazing what tastes good when prepared properly, lol)

  2. GROSS....and I NEED Daddy's Girl, it's gorgeous. And that's funny you have been posting purples, cause I have been craving greens (which I have none of) did we do a creepy sci-fi body switch?

  3. ugh LOL yeah i would be a little freaked out seeing that!

    yes, curse seche vite for shrinkage. it drives me nuts everytime!

  4. Octopus? Never saw on in real life. I don't think I'd want to touch it.....

    I have Daddy's Girl. It's a pretty shade!

  5. Am I blind or does anyone else see this color as royal blue? I also resent your beautiful cuticles, that is all.

  6. I love that color I need to get it.
    Ewww octopus.


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