19 March 2011

Diamonds for a Baroness

Happy Saturday ladies (and gentlemen?)! I'm really happy that the week from hell at school is completely over, I can't remember the last time I was that stressed out.

The end of hell week included two separate birthday celebrations for one of my good friends, the second of which was last night. The little genius that she is, she organized a murder mystery party and made characters for everyone to play out during the night.

My character's name was Baroness Silvia Lekinstein and, among other things, I liked to decorate myself in diamonds. When the time came for me to choose my manicure for the night, the choice was obvious!
China Glaze Drenched in Diamonds. It's a very light silver shimmer polish loaded with glass-fleck and, although it may just be the power of suggestion, it definitely makes me think of glittering diamonds.

This is three coats of Drenched in Diamonds over one coat of China Glaze Avalanche; because DiD is so sheer, I decided I would put a silvery polish on quickly underneath to try and minimize VNL and give it a good base. I could still see VNL at some angles, but it wasn't in-your-face.

Drenched in Diamonds applied beautifully, and it's just such an interesting polish. I've had it since December, but this was the first time that I've actually worn it. Now that I've seen it in action, I've got all sorts of ideas for layering combinations with it.

Do you think I did a good job with the diamond theme on this one? Have you ever been inspired to create a manicure based on some jewelry?

Have you seen the Facebook page that I set up the other day? Since Twitter scares the pants off of me for some reason, I figured I could use Facebook to keep in contact with any readers that would be interested. Stop by and check it out!


  1. i think you nailed it on the theme Nicole! Looks perfect, and sounds like it was a fun time :o)

    i have some turquoise ear rings (turquoise with some dark areas) that i would love to match at some point. i don't think i'm quite there yet...

  2. @Jess: Thanks! It was a lot of fun, I've never done anything like that before and I'd definitely recommend giving it a try sometime.
    Ooh, that would be nice! If you ever get around to doing that manicure you should send me a picture, I'd love to see it!

  3. :) You most certainly made a great Baroness.

  4. @Saffron: Aww, thanks! I had so much fun, we should definitely try it again sometime!


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