25 March 2011

Lemming slaying

Happy Friday, lacquered lovelies! Today I have a beautiful polish for you. I'm going to think about this as I write my exam this morning, wish me luck!

This is a lemming slayed. I've been killing them a lot lately, part of the reason for my no buy (unless it's a sale, since we all know that it doesn't count if it's on sale!). This was a longtime lemming of mine. I was only randomly reading nail blogs when the OMG collection came out (in 2009, I believe) and had no idea that Sally's even sold anything besides hair products... I know. It's sick when you consider how much time and money I spend there now!

Anyway, this polish is from that collection. DV8 was my most wanted from the OMG collection, although I got my greedy paws on LOL first. I have OMG on the way in the mail to me (stupid Canada post) and shall hopefully be able to get my hands on L8R G8R, and then I'll have all the ones that interested me. DV8 is a beautiful teal holo, it's bright and amazing and we're in love. Totally in love. I finally broke down and got DV8 on evilbay. It's crazy, I got LOL for $8 but I paid.. well, go look on evilbay for DV8, the price has actually gone up since I got it. :|

This was two coats, no base coat and no topcoat. And no, no staining here! Though it would've been worth every single stain if it had. :)

This is a picture I took with my phone. I twitpic'd (twitpiced?) it and gushed about how pretty it was. I'm surprised that my phone managed to pick the holo up!

So, what do you lovelies think? Do you like DV8? Do you like the OMG collection?
And have you killed any lemmings lately? If so, what did you kill?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to responding to any comments! <3


  1. ahhh i can't wait for my kaleidoscope's to come in the mail! i love this on you..it makes me wanna hunt for OMG's now..damn you

  2. Wow, gorgeous! Your nails are beautiful. :)

  3. Love! Glad you finally got it! Lemming slayed!

  4. rally want this collection back, I missed out!

  5. @나니: God, isn't it? I painted my nails at night and I was really hoping for sun the next day and when those rays first hit my nails, I pretty much started drooling! Thanks for reading! :)

    @Elizabeth: Thanks! And I'm sorry, my dear... your wallet will weep. Our wallets can weep together LOL. Thankfully, I'm done tracking down the OMGs I want (except for 2NITE, if I can get my hands on it, and IDK, but I'm not dying for those like I was for the three I have/will have). We need to just meet and root through each other's stashes. It would be so fun! <3

    @Josie's Nails: I agree! Completely worth the *mumbles* I paid for it! Thanks for reading! :)

    @APE: Aww, thank you so much for saying that! I'm still working on them but I'm getting there, I think! Thanks for reading,

    @Kellie: I've been slaying them like nobody's business lately LOL, it gets worse when I check other people's wishlists and see polishes that I hadn't thought to add to my own... Poor wallet! Thanks for reading, miss gawjus! <3

    @Kitty: Haha thank you! I love all my twitter girls, y'all totally enable me to hunt down my lemmings and I never would have gotten OMG if it hadn't been for you! Thank you so so much, girl! <3

    @Manicured Monkey: I completely agree, it makes me die a little inside when I think that my Sally's probably would've gladly put them all aside for me if I had known about it when it first came out! Thanks for reading!

    @Charlotte Sparkle: It's gorgeous, isn't it? I just want to wear it all the time everywhere. Thanks for reading!

    @Hey-Hay: Yes! I totally agree! DV8 is my new husband! Thanks for reading, as always! <3

    Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone! <3

  6. I have this and love it! Dead lemmings are a good thing. :)

  7. As you already know, DV8 is my favvvvvvourite polish of all time! :)

    I smashed my no buy and ordered 8 bottles of Zoya this week, one was Crystal which I'd been lemming for ages, so that's exciting!

  8. That's right! It does NOT count if it's on sale!

    Awesome color, and impressive phone pic lol

  9. Ohhhh! I'd steal that from you, if you weren't looking. lol I'm sooo sorry I missed out on that collection. Totally asleep at the wheel. :(

  10. I'm jealous I'm gonna sneak in your house and steal it! Muwhahahaha! This is my one lemming collection That I'll never get. :( but I'm ok with that... for now... lol

  11. LOVE this shade! completely gorgeous!

  12. I didn't want/need (talked myself out of it) but now....it's soooo beautiful.

  13. OMG so pretty!! i didn't realize i wanted, until now lol

    where did you get it?

  14. Love it! So much holo-y goodness!

  15. LOL @ evilbay! how true! they charge me so much for shipping ,it literally hurts to see the price. Purdy color as always, must buy it ASAP!

  16. @Melli: Aren't they? I really do enjoy killing them, even though I know sometimes it's irresponsible. And then I remind myself that polish is a lifelong investment and that life is too short to not go ahead with things that make you happy, right? Thanks for reading! <3

    @thegirlwithabow/Diana: It's definitely in my top five! The thought of choosing one pains me - I want to say DV8 but then I remember Emerald Sparkle! Thanks for reading, giiiiirl <3

    @GothamPolish: I tried saying that it doesn't count if it was on sale to my roommate, and then I was forcibly reminded of when I tweeted saying that I feel like a crack addict when trying to justify my purchases. She said "yeah" in that tone of voice that I know means "I'm judging you and your problems." But what does she know! Thanks for reading! <3

    @Kimberly: Girl, I'm watching my babies around you. I'll sleep with DV8 to protect it! ;) Thanks for reading! <3

    @MissMidnight: I keep dreaming that China Glaze will re-release it... wouldn't that be amazing?! Then we could get all of them! Thanks for reading! <3

    @Riella/Jaimie: See why I said it would make me less miserable while at work? It's amazing! <3

    @lacednotes/Karen: I've been doing that battle for ages. I'd convince myself that I didn't need it by killing other lemmings, and then I'd torture myself by googling DV8 and drooling over all the pictures for hours. It's sick, isn't it? Let's just keep hoping China Glaze will re-release the collection, not all of us are stupid with money like I am LOL! Thanks for reading! <3

    @Jess: Ah, yes, that is the peril of nail blogs. I got it on eBay. It's pretty pricey (and the price goes up all the time... so sad) but totally worth it for me! You might have luck searching at a dusty, some people have found some OMGs there! Thanks for reading! <3

    @Melissa: It's stunning, isn't it? Why can't more polish companies make these types of polishes? I'd buy... well, even more than I already do LOL! Thanks for reading! <3

    @PolkaDots/Rebecca: A comment section on one of my posts is not complete until you comment, yay! Evilbay will be the death of me and my wallet haha! Amazon Canada doesn't have nail polish so it's a no go for me, since most American sellers won't ship here, so evilbay is usually my only option. I've seen sellers put HTFs like this up and try to charge $30 in shipping - I report them right away because they're just trying to get around eBay costs, Megan of APolishProblem told me that! Thanks for reading, darl! <3

    Thank you all!

    - Kirsten


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