21 March 2011

More green? But HOLO!

Hello lacquered lovelies. Happy... Monday...? Yeah, I don't buy it when people say that either. Oh well, what can you do! Today I have a pretty awesome polish for you, Nubar Reclaim. Mmmm, holo.
Reclaim is a light green holo. It's clearly not pastel, so I mean "light" more in a "it's not emerald" sort of way. I'd say it's almost grassy-ish, if your grass is awesome and has rainbows in it. I hope it is.
This was two coats, though I've heard people say that it was a one-coater for them. I think I just need to try being more careful with my application!

Whew! Gorgeous. This is another scheduled post, as most of mine this week will be. It's nearing the end of classes and I have term papers and journalism stories galore to do. And then we go right into exam period... yay... So there might not be as much writing as I normally like to do. Apologies in advance! In other news, I've given myself the task of swatching what is now residing in a plastic shoe container. I'm oddly excited about it!

I don't usually do this, but on Wednesday, I'll have something for you that's actually quite intimidating for me to be posting... you'll see why!

Thanks for reading, lovelies, and have a great day!


  1. Ok, so 1 thing..I have seen this post before. I have deja vu's..and this is clearly one. This freaked me out. Now people are going to think I'm insane. Sorry
    OK on to the post, I love the colour and it's so pretty, and I'm excited for Wednesday!

  2. I like this holo from them and totally forgot that I own it. Its not in-your-face but its a very pretty green. Looks fabulous on you and a great addition to anybody's stash! :)

  3. Uhmazing! I've had this on my wishlist for ages! Its just amazing! I hope you get your OMG soon!

  4. Such a pretty green holo! now I can't wait to see what you have in store for us on Wednesday. Waiting *taps foot*. lol

  5. I have just ordered this one! Can't wait to get it! :) So pretty!

  6. @Elizabeth: I got so freaked out when you posted that, I was like I POSTED PICTURES WITH A CUTICLE WOUND THAT I MEAN TO EDIT OUT?! I think you're insane, my dear <3

    @Chris: Thank you! I love seeing polishes on blogs and wanting them before realizing I have them already, it's a great feeling, isn't it?

    @Cristina: I hope you get your hands on it soon, it's so gorgeous and I'd love to see it on you! I hope I get SOME nail mail soon, I'm expecting things... including an order from Amazon from a month and a half ago... never ordering from Amazon again. Terrible service boo! :(

    @MissMidnight: Haha oh honey, you're the cutest! I wrote the post up earlier today and it's a bit personal but I couldn't explain it any other way! Thanks for commenting <3

    @intootje: It's so pretty! I can't wait for you to get it, I hope you'll show pictures of you wearing it!

    @Charlotte Sparkle: It's gorgeous, isn't it? I'm in love with it!

    Thanks for reading, lovelies! <3

    - Kirsten


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