31 March 2011

One can never have too much purple.

I hadn't planned on painting my nails this colour the other day, but I was feeling especially sick, stressed, and generally sorry for myself and decided to indulge.

This is China Glaze First Class Ticket, which came from the pretty fantastic Vintage Vixen collection from last fall. That collection had some pretty awesome polishes in it, didn't it? Unfortunately the only other one I have is Riveter Rouge, but I'm always on the lookout for more!

First Class Ticket a deeeeeep purple (slightly less blue IRL than in these pictures) shade with some really neat blue shimmer. I'm a big fan of polishes that have interesting shimmers, and I feel like this definitely falls under that umbrella.

I ended up having to use three coats for full opacity, but if I had been more careful I probably could have just used two. In these pictures it's four coats though, because I swiped a quick one over top to cover tipwear.

I originally thought this picture was a fail, but when I looked at it in Xee, I noticed that it really shows the blue shimmer well, especially if you view it larger.

I'm sure you noticed this, but my nails are back to being nubs again, though not as nubbly as before. I think I actually prefer this length (for myself), though. I feel like my nails start to look really weird when they get to be too long, but maybe that's just because I spent so long being a chronic nail-biter.

What was your favourite polish from the Vintage Vixen collection? Or did you not like any of them at all?

Hope you're having a wonderful week, thanks for reading!


  1. Your post had me at "never have too much purple." How true, I'll take any kind! I must have missed Vintage Vixen, lol, I'll have to do some googlin'.

  2. Very pretty! I was only able to get Riveter Rouge, Midnight Mission, and Ingrid, and out of those Midnight Mission is my favorite.

  3. @Love, B: Yay! It's always good to meet another purple lover. Vintage Vixen was a pretty sweet collection, lots of really neat polishes in it!

    @nicnacksnails: I try to have purple on at least once a week, it just cheers me up whenever I'm in any kind of mood. I even used to have purple hair!

    @Zara: Midnight Mission is GORGEOUS. I was really lucky when I got my Vintage Vixens. I managed to find both of them in the little discount bins at Chatters, and then Riveter Rouge was 20% off because I got it on Boxing Day!

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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