30 March 2011

Possibly my favourite pink ever.

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Wednesday! And you know what that means, right? My post is late, so I'm sure you've seen these everywhere, because there are so many lovelies participating now, but it's Pink Wednesday! Yay!

I'd fallen off the wagon with these for the past couple of weeks (pink is daunting for me, sometimes as daunting as red) but I decided to go for a polish that I've worn before but haven't shown. I can't remember why I didn't. Maybe the pictures turned out badly? I wish I could do this polish justice but it's been miserable here for the last few days, so I did my best. Trust me when I say that it's beautiful.

My pink for this week is China Glaze Ahoy!, a beautiful magenta glass-flecked jelly. It's so beautiful. I used three coats for full opacity and colour pay-off, though it's beautiful at two as well.

Sometimes I like taking bottle pictures, and this is one of those times. This is literally what the bottle looked like while I was looking down at it at my kitchen table, getting ready to paint my nails. Excuse me while I drool.

So this is what it looks like in my kitchen with a desk lamp on it. It's actually pretty colour accurate, but I mostly like it because you can see the little flecks in it. So so pretty.

Super close up and blurry to show the flecks!
And then I figured that I should try stamping over it. I used Nicole by OPI It's Possible! and M57, obviously. Everything went well except for my middle finger - I messed something up there but that's a user error, because I still suck at Konading.
But yeah, that. I actually really like this and it got me a TON of compliments in the two hours that I was out in public today. I just need to work on my stamping!

What do you lovelies think? Do you like this colour? I sort of wish I hadn't stamped over it, just because Ahoy! is so beautiful, but I think the jelly base gives it lovely depth.

Also, you might have noticed, but I'm going to be starting to posting PR releases. I know that you guys will have seen them already, but I figured, some friends read the blog and probably don't read loads of other nail blogs, so maybe they'll see something they like! I'd also love the opportunity to talk with you lovelies about what you're looking forward to!

Okay, I just have one thing left to say. My roommate and I have been quoting parts of this to each other for the past couple days, and some of these are hilarious. I don't care if they're real or not, they still make me laugh. I need more friends like that!

Done for real, gorgeous dolls. Do you like Ahoy? What's your favourite polish from the China Glaze Anchors Away collection? I actually really loved the whole collection but this is one of the first times I can ever remember a pink being one of my favourites!

Thanks for sticking with me this long if you made it! Friday's post is going to be a big celebration because classes are ending! It means that we're going into exam time but... classes are ending and I'm really relieved. I hope to talk to some of you in the comments! I'm going back to respond to the rest of the comments from Monday's post, I was terrible and feeling bad for myself because I was feeling so gross. It's no excuse!

Thanks for reading!


  1. GORGEOUS. *drools* I hope I find this color eventually...it's been gone from every display I've seen. Of the ones I have (Knotty, Lighthouse, Starboard, and Below Deck), my favorite polish is probably Starboard, but I have a feeling Ahoy might beat it if I had it. I love the whole collection, though.

  2. those flecks are lovely! This color looks awesome under your konadicure!

  3. Love this!! Looks fabulous!!
    Happy Pink Wednesday!! :D

  4. this is so pretty! I can't believe this is in my untrieds, I need to wear it!

  5. Now you did it; I might as well go and buy this polish. You made it look fun and darn cute! Oh, your Konading is far better than my unnaturally disturbing attempt. ;)

  6. sooo pretty!!! I might have to borrow this from my friend!

  7. I love this colour, it's one of my favs out of the collection & i love the konad over top. I haven't done the zebra print yet sadly, I'll have to try soon.

    ANDDDDDDD i read that blog all the time...i hope they are real so that my future career has some hilarious days ahead

  8. @Zara: I'm not surprised it's been gone, I was originally unexcited for it and then I saw it in person and knew that I NEEDED it. I want to get a bottle to send to my mom haha! Let me know if you don't find a bottle, I'd be glad to look around for one for you! :)

    @theVEROblog: I love the flecks, it's a gorgeous colour! Thanks for commenting, doll!

    @Kayla101: Thank you! Happy Pink Wednesday to you too, I hope nobody was too mean to you! ;) Thanks for commenting!

    @Jen: It's so so pretty. I'd love to see it on your gorgeous nails, I had it in my untrieds for a while too! Then I wore it and didn't take any pictures of it or something... but then I realized it was too pretty to NOT be shown! Thanks for commenting, gorgeous <3

    @Kimberly: I'd love to see Ahoy! on you! And my Konading SUCKS, it takes me so long and I usually end up having to start over on at least one nail! This one was my middle finger, of course... drawing even more attention to it! ;) Thanks for commenting, darlin! <3

    @nicnacksnails: Definitely do it if you can, it's so gorgeous and I don't even really like pink polish, though our Mean Girls Wednesdays are slowly converting me! Thanks for commenting and thank you for giving me a new blog to follow, your blog looks awesome!

    @Elizabeth: Doooooo it. I want to do a neon pink zebra mani for a pink Wednesday but I can't do it now that I posted this so you should do it! I hope your career has some hilarious moments ahead too, just so you can share them with me! <3

    @Jennifer: Get your hands on it if you can, you won't regret it! It's one of my best pink purchases ever! Thanks for commenting!

    @InPalace: It is amazing, isn't it? Thanks for commenting!

    Yay! Thank you all for commenting! <3

  9. This is a stunner! I don't wear a lot of pinks but I've worn this three times since I got it. It kind of reminds me of the deep pink from the BCA collection, which I loved too, but it's different enough to warrent owning both of them - I can't remember what it was called, but if you like this, you'd probably like that one as well! I love the konad you did over it too.

  10. I love that pink! The zebra print never gets old. I think its my most commonly used design.

  11. Ooooh so pretty! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. You're making me an addict....


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