23 March 2011

Posting this was so intimidating.

Hello lacquered lovelies! Today I have a polish that was terrifying for me to wear, along with a confession that might get too personal for some of you. I encourage you to skip to the end of all the text of this post if you don't want to read about me and feelings and stuff.

So this is Essie Limited Addiction. It's a pretty bright red creme that looks almost squishy like a jelly but doesn't apply like one. I used two coats and had a bit of shrinkage but I can't evaluate if it's because of the polish itself or because of my routine. I mix it up too often, I think. In the sunlight, it's a really bright red, but indoors it looks more brick coloured - brownish red.

This was two coats. The formula was good, kind of watery like most Essies seem to be but nothing to difficult for me to work with.

Full sunlight. But see how lighting can make such a huge difference...

It looks like a completely different polish here! Weird, right?

Now, this is a horrible picture, but I'm only showing you it because I burst out laughing when I saw it. My nails were super super shiny and you can actually see my roommate in them. Weird, right?

Now, onto the block of text. I hate wearing red nail polish. I hate it with a passion. Actually, I don't just hate it - I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid of how attention-grabbing it is, of how bright it is, of how traditional/expected it is and how it's considered sexy. This sounds stupid, but I'm totally serious. I don't know why a girl who glitterbombs like nobody's business (seriously, if you check our tags for "glitter", you'll see that most of the posts are mine!) thinks red is attention-grabbing, but I do. Or why I have a problem wearing red when I wore a neon shatter and thought it was weird that people kept commenting on it. 

Here's a fun fact: For about four years of my teenage life, I never wore any colour. Ever. How unique, right? ;) I basically never wore any colours ever, unless forced to. Usually, the only pop of colour that I had was in my mani. Black, of course, with a carefully chosen accent nail of bright red... and let's just say that it wasn't my ring finger. Yeah. I was classy.

I try to force myself to wear red nail polish a lot, but it doesn't usually work. A week or so ago I wore Ruby Pumps to work. Yes, I had RP and had never worn it. Yes, it's a crime, blah blah. It was so so pretty and I did love it, just not on me. I got a ton of compliments on the polish and instead of showing off my nails like I usually do when that happens (... what? I'm just being honest), I would blush and hide them. Red nail polish scares the living something or other out of me. I know it seems really stupid but I can't help it. I think part of me hating it also has to do with the fact that I have really bad social anxiety sometimes. Like, I've always got social anxiety problems, sometimes they just get really bad. My giveaway sign (for the heart pounding/knees weak/head thundering with blood/blushing like mad/hands shaking symptoms... yeah, it's a problem) is that I start rubbing my forearm. It's hard to explain, but I basically run the heel of my hand down the middle of my forearm and down the back of my hand. I usually get bruises from this (oh anaemia) or it stays red for hours. I've found ways to lessen my social anxiety at work (by not looking directly at people and asking them questions related directly to what I am doing instead of giving them a chance to make small talk... mean, I know, but just someone asking me how I am before I can ask my usual "would you like a bag?" throws me off so badly that it takes me a while to recover) so most of my coworkers/supervisors haven't seen my anxious sign for a while, unless things are tense at work. Like they were today. I was tweeting about it and so many lovelies responded and gave me twitter hugs, I felt loved! Anyway, I spent the whole day that I wore Ruby Pumps doing that. So yeah. That's the story of why I'm afraid of a nail polish colour.

The weird thing is, I still stay away from most colours in my clothing, but I do like to wear red. Just not on my nails.

What about you lovelies? Do you have a nail polish colour that you feel uncomfortable about wearing? Are you very shy? What have you found to help you get over that shyness?

Thanks for reading, if you read it all! <3


  1. Not that I feel weird, but I just can't stand most polishes with some sort of copper and many pastels. I'm very picky when it comes to those two types. I just can't stand them on me. If I look at my hands and the polish makes them look jaundice, off goes the polish and to someone else it goes.

  2. i used to feel the exact same way about red polish. still do sometimes. ((hugs)) it's weird how similar we are to each of our polish sisters sometimes huh?

  3. Red is my fave! Lips though are much more in-your-face attention grabbing. Trust me! I am not wearing red on my lips for a while. LOL!

  4. I think stepping outside your comfort zone is a wonderful thing sometimes. Glad you shared it with us. :)

  5. Wearing lip stick totally freaks me out!! I can do gloss, but not lip stick.

  6. You're like me... I've never worn red nail polish. I love it on other people, but I just don't see myself with them!! ><

  7. Red is the color I have the hardest time wearing also, but for a different reason. I feel like it never goes with my skintone

  8. I love to wear reds and people say that it really suits my skintone, but when i'm wearing a short skirt i'd rather not wear read either. it does have a sexy thing about it. I have this with very bright colors, i love them on me but sometimes i like to put my hands away when an old lady is watching or something. i don't wear to many bright colors either, just bright nails as a nice accent. i do understand your problem:) maybe you should try to step out of your comfort zone some more, it really helps and it makes you feel so much more comfortable.

  9. Red is my uncomfy color as well. Ppl love it on me and it does look pretty but I'm not a fan of Red. The application always intimidates me, I'm always scared it's going to run too much and cleaning up red is never fun. Plus t's Red... It's soo .... done lol... And it makes me feel "too grown" up.. It's not exactly a "fun" color..

  10. I like wearing any colour, but one of the blues I got for my b-day is really distracting because it's so cool looking. It's called "Marine Scene". I had people in one of my classes staring at my nails whenever I had them on the desk. Terribly inconspicuous.

  11. I have only worn red about 3 times for swatches, and that's it!

    I have Ruby Pumps and I've never worn it, either. *hides from people throwing rotten fruit*

    It's too femme fatale and scary for me.

    Black is a pretty intimidating one to wear on it's own, as well.

  12. I can't get into pastels. I love them on other people but for me..I just can't do it. I love CG For Audrey and Zoya Marley on everyone so much..but on me, I look ridiculous in my opinion.

  13. I never wear red, I actually just bought my first 3 red polishes (because my sister said red was classic and everyone needs some red), but I find it so hard to make myself wear them. I feel like everyone stares at your nails and it "says something" about you, generally something I don't want it to say. SO your social anxiety is definitely something I can relate to. <3

  14. I can't even wear red lipstick haha! It's a gorgeous color on you, but I guess wearing red is a personality thing!

  15. ALSO i just saw your fb post about "who" was caught in your nails when you looked at your pic. I laughed...a lot. HAHA

  16. Oooh, so many lovelies to respond to! I'm going to break it up, I think. <3

    @Laura: Ah, I definitely know what you mean! I rarely wear pastels because I think they give me terrifying corpse hands and it freaks me out. Copper falls into the "it's sort of like brown so I LOVE IT" category for me, though I imagine it looks weird with my ghostly flesh. I like your idea of sending colours that you don't like off, though, maybe I should start doing that! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    @Kellie: Ooooh girl, I love the way you rock reds, I hope I can pull them off that well some day! Reading through these comments, I'm surprised at how many nail bloggers consider red their problem colour too! It makes me feel better that we're all sisters in this together! Thanks for commenting! <3

    @Kitty: Wow, red is your fave? You're a nutter in even more ways now! Kidding! You know I think you're awesome :) I have literally never worn red lips out. I love the pin up look but I'm way too scared to try it. Did something happen with your red lip when you last rocked it? Thanks for commenting! <3

    @Lisa: I agree! I did have to schedule this post to make sure it actually went up LOL, I would've hidden it forever! Thank you! <3

    @Melissa: I can identify with that, lipstick seems so serious business to me haha! Thanks for commenting!

    I will be back for round two in a second! Thank you all <3

    - Kirsten

  17. @Crystal: It's crazy that red is considered such a classic colour, isn't it? I always love seeing red on other people because I just feel that they carry it off well but it never translates to me! Maybe we just need to keep trying? Thanks for commenting!

    @Ange: I also think it looks like crap on me haha, the stark contrast freaks me out. We just need to meet the right reds and fall in love, right? I'm going to pester you again soon, I miss your insanity and ability to make me laugh while I'm sitting alone in a hallway, getting judged... <3

    @Renee: I know what you mean, I feel like I should just be wearing jeans and a big t-shirt when I wear red polish because that's enough sex appeal for one day, right?! I'm going to keep trying with the reds, I ordered some nice ones (including a jelly!) so maybe I'll find the right red for me? Thanks for reading and commenting! <3

    @Cris: I know what you mean. I always get way more compliments when I wear red than any other colour, but I feel like it's just so stark against my pasty skin, you know? And I agree, it is so done that it feels so overdone and predictable... *cough*OPI*cough* You make everything look good though, girl! <3

    @Taryn: Oooh, I have Marine Scene, I love it, it's so pretty! I still have all your green polishes, by the way! <3 <3

    One more round! <3

  18. I get that. I have no problem with red nail polish. But lipstick is a different trauma all together. I try to go as neutral as possible and feel like everyone is looking if I wear a pink never mind a red. I can barely even try it in the house never mind leaving to go somewhere. (Shudder) Definately my anti-social tendencies showing through. Ah, the things our little brains do to us!

  19. Last one!

    @Diana: I can't judge you, Ruby Pumps was one of the first China Glaze nail polishes I ever got and I only wore it for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I'll bat the rotting fruit away from you <3

    @Sarah: I don't have Marley but I agree, it looks lovely in swatches but will look stupid on me! I have For Audrey and I never wear it, creme polishes are always problems for me and I feel like I just look stupid in it! Brains are so weird sometimes, right? Thanks for commenting! <3

    @Elizabeth: Which three did you get? I feel like we need a support group for people afraid of red LOL. I will reply to your FB message in the morning too, sorry about the delayed response, my body has been pretty much laying itself around everywhere and feeling dead! <3

    @Cherish: I'm glad you like it! Do you have it? Thanks for commenting! <3

    @Rebecca: Aww, thank you, darlin, I always love your comments so much! <3 Red lipstick is SO scary, I think there should be some kind of magic confidence pill to help women be more comfortable wearing it! Thanks for commenting, as always <3

    @Karen: I know what you mean! I always think that everyone thinks that I look like a child playing in her mother's make up when I wear any lip colour that isn't... well, Chapstick LOL. High five for being anti-social and having a weird brain, let's start a club! <3

    WHEW! Thank you all for commenting, it really does brighten my day!

    - Kirsten

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