16 March 2011

Pretty dusty

Hi lacquered lovelies! Today I DON'T have a pink mani to share with you! I think I'm pinked out, I will be back with more pink next week though! I've really been craving soft creme finish polishes lately, so I have another Essie to share with you. I needed this after I saw Jen's swatch of it. I wish I could explain my attraction to colours like this but how can you explain love? YEAH, I brought that one out. Yeah girrrrrrrrl get it. I'm trying my hand at my first time-scheduled post, so it's actually 1:30 AM as I write this and edit the pictures. I wish there was some way it would tweet for me automatically too... I probably just suck at this. Anyway!

Essie Coat Azure is a dusty, sort of mid-toned but almost vibrant/bright (it's so hard to explain colours like this, because if it's dusty can it really be vibrant? But it is, in a way) blue with hidden shimmer that really comes alive in the sunlight. It's so gorgeous! I used two coats, no issues at all here. I've heard that some Essie polishes have nightmare formulas but I don't own many (and the ones I do own seem to sit in my "untrieds" drawer for a while) so I couldn't tell you. I've had good experiences so far! Though I'm dying to wear Zoya Gemma lately. I just want it to be sunny so I can really do it justice. My roommate thinks our dear Gemma is hideous. Sometimes I'm pretty sure she doesn't have eyes.

I had something that I wanted to share with you guys, but thankfully, it seems that the person has taken a hint. I'll keep you updated though!

Also, I've been getting some Facebook messages and emails from some of you wondering which one of us is on twitter all the time. It's me haha, I have a sick addiction. Probably 99% of the comments you see on blogs were also written by me, but I usually sign them so you probably already knew that. Anyway, the point is that pretty much all the time, if you're wondering who you're interacting with, it's probably me! What can I say, I just like talking to you! :)

That's all for today, lovelies. What do you think of this colour? What's your favourite creme polish? Do you like hidden shimmer or do you want it to be more in your face? Also, will you be rocking green this St. Patrick's day? What green are you going to sport? I've currently got a beautiful China Glaze green on, from one of my favourite collections ever. I think I'll have to post on it if I can get some light to do it some justice!

Have a beautiful day, gorgeous girls!


  1. Looks great on you! I love Coat Azure!

  2. I had totally given up my nail obsession but following your blog is making me addicted again. You have an awesome collection, which looks so great on you!

  3. Very pretty, love the contrast between the almost bright color and dusty "shimmer"!

  4. I like this entire collection. Also, I don't know your roomate, but if she doesn't like Gemma, then she doesn't have eyes (just kidding roomate of Kirsten, don't hate me)

  5. Very beautiful lacquer to have in your stash. Looks excellent on you.

  6. These are the first pics I see that really make this polish look good !! Your nails look amazing btw ;)

  7. @Jen: Thanks, I love it too! You're the one who made me need it LOL. It looked so gorgeous on you that I just had to try it!

    @Feminine: Oooh, I feel sort of bad for dragging you back into the lacquerhead world but it's so nice that you said that I'm helping it along! I'm working on my collection LOL, I have lemmings like nobody's business but such is life! Thanks for reading! <3 I validated your giveaway entry earlier, I think :)

    @Deborah: It's so pretty, isn't it? I think the shimmer is what makes it a bit more unique, but I would've liked it either way, I'm a sucker for dusty blues! Thanks for reading!

    @Charlotte Sparkle: I agree :) It's definitely one of the more "mature" blues in my collection too lol!

    @Elizabeth: It's a gorgeous collection, isn't it? I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it! Haha my roommate's name is Kaydee (Kaitlin) and she insists that she has eyes but maaaaaan, anyone who doesn't think Gemma is gorgeous is snorting some serious... well, you know.

    @Chris: Thank you! I never know how nail polishes look on me (hahaha I just go on whether I like them or not) so it's always nice to hear that! I bet you could franken something 2000 times as awesome though! I'm jealous of your skills!

    @Tasha: Thank you so much! It really is a beautiful polish, the shimmer makes it pretty unique within my collection! Thanks for commenting, I don't believe I've seen one from you before! :)

    Thanks gorgeous girls <3 <3

    - Kirsten

  8. If you're gonna skip a pink wednesday, this is the perfect color to do it with! It looks so good on you! I had to snag this one too cuz it's such a gorgeous blue :)

  9. "Sometimes I'm pretty sure she doesn't have eyes..." Haha, I know how you feel! This is a gorgeous color, and I agree with Colour Coated - if you're going to skip a Pink Wednesday, this is a great color to post instead.

  10. Sick color! I'm not sure if Essie colors don't shrink or Kirsten just have a good way of applying the polish but I love how it has zero shrinkage.

  11. How cool is it that she answers our comments? VERY COOL!

  12. @Jasmine: Ooooh girl, I want to see this on you! I bet it's hawt! I'll be back with Pink Wednesday next week! Hopefully with my first ever franken!

    @Zara: It is gorgeous, isn't it? I would have passed this colour up a few years ago but the nail blogging world has made me nuts about everything! Except yellow polish... I can't do it. I'm glad you and Jasmine are okay with me skipping Pink Wednesday, can I still sit with you guys? LOL

    @PolkaDots/Rebecca: I haven't had issues with any of the Essie polishes I've tried! I stopped using Seche Vite a while ago and it made a huge difference! I'm not skilled enough to wrap my tips without making a huge mess too! I wish I had a good way of applying polish, I learn with every new colour but it's a fun process anyway! :)

    @Lauren: Haha yay, I'm glad you think it's cool, I like talking and replying to you guys! I wish I had done it before, because every comment brings a smile to my face! I wanted to start doing it to show that I appreciate everyone but it's also a bit selfish, since I want to be friends with you all too!

    Thank you all <3

    - Kirsten


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