26 March 2011

Purple holo comparison!

Moving pretty slowly today, ladies. I went to a concert last night and, in the course of events, ended up with some pretty intense bruises in my armpit. Dunno if you've ever had a bruise there, but it's amazing how much it limits your mobility.

Anyway, on to the polish!

Today I've got a quick little comparison post for you folks between Color Club Wild at Heart and China Glaze Virtual Violet.

In these pictures I put Virtual Violet on my thumb and middle finger, and Wild at Heart on my index and ring fingers. My pinkie finger was having a bit of a hangnail tragedy, so it was excluded. All nails are two coats of polish without a base coat, but I added a quick coat of Seche Vite onto my middle and ring fingers to see if it made much of a difference.

Outside, sunshine

Both of them are purple holos, which is totally amazing to me. They're also both scattered holos, but they're trying really hard to be linear. Wild at Heart is a couple of shades darker than Virtual Violet, and I really like it for that. Dark colours are the ones I like best. :)

Inside, "natural" light bulb

Inside, "natural light bulb", blurred slightly to show holo effect

As you can see, it looks like Virtual Violet, in addition to being lighter than Wild at Heart, is a bit more holographic. It's trying harder to be linear, as it were.

The formula for both of these polishes was wonderful, and they dried super fast. For an impatient person like me, dry time is a big deal.

I still think I like Wild at Heart better than Virtual violet though. The shade of purple is one that appeals to me more. Virtual Violet is still stunning, but I think it really needs direct light to look truly awesome, whereas the base colour of Wild at Heart looks good enough to me that I'd wear it in any weather.

Which one of these two do you like best? Any particular reason why?

Thanks for reading!

If you haven't seen it yet, I let you all take a peek into my purse on Elizabeth's blog yesterday! While you're there you should definitely check out the rest of her stuff! She's totally adorable in pretty much every way.


  1. A) you're adorable! and I love your pillowcase BTW
    B) I love purple, so you win in that department, I don't know if I like 1 more than another..but I want both now
    C) I have never experienced the under the armpit bruising from a mosh pit, however I have had bites..as well as bruises in places I didn't think you could get a bruise, so I can relate.

    Ok, I'll end my novel now. Summing it up, love you & the purple holo's

  2. I already own Wild At Heart but haven't actually tried it yet, seeing this comparison I'm glad it's that one I own. It's so much prettier.. and I completely agree darker shades generally are so much more fun!

    Yep, suffered the armpit purples more time than I care to mention. One of the side effects of being into bands that attract the mosh pit *lol* Usually the shows are more than worth it though :)

  3. I really love holo's! And I think I go with you on Wild at Heart too...just more appealing!

  4. I love these polishes, but I'll go for wild at heart because CC is a brand I love!

  5. @Elizabeth: Awww, thank you! Hehe, I'm glad I have them both too, but I definitely like WAH more than VV. Not by much, but I do like it better. Fortunately I managed not to get any bites at the concert, but I wouldn't have been surprised if I did. xD It was a pretty violent night. Love you toooooooooo.

    @Zesylene: You should try it out soon! I hadn't even realized it was a holo until I put it on the first time. xD Darker shades are the way to go! The band that I went to see isn't the sort of band that attracts mosh pits, the people in my town just go completely nuts for them. I went to their concert here last year and it was pretty mosh-y too, but not as bad as the other night. I can only imagine how intense it'll be next time they're here. :P

    @Lacquer Addicts Anonymous: Awesome! I love holos too, it's a shame that they're not easier to get!

    @Rock-or-not: Yay! Color Club is a great brand, IMO. I love all of the polishes that I have from them, the formula is consistent and easy to work with, and they usually have an excellent dry time.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. I love purple, do I really have to pick my favorite. I love them all. Hope your arm pit feels better soon :P

  7. @Cherish: Hahaha, I could never make someone really pick their favourite purple. I always think I have a favourite, but then I see another one that completely blows me away.
    Hehe, my armpit is feeling better already. I'm still pretty achey in my upper arms and around my ribs, but the concert was SO worth it.
    Thank you for reading!


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