18 March 2011

So much China Glaze green/Friday fail!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Today I have an oldie but a goodie (goody?) - one of my favourite polishes ever. Are you surprised that it's green? I hope you aren't, I should hope I made my adoration for green clear by now! I'm also going to show you my St. Patrick's day mani (that was an exercise in frustration with my camera!) and a Friday fail! Let's get going!

Gussied Up Green is from China Glaze's Rodeo Diva collection. It's a gorgeous deep green with amazing shimmer. It tends to look black indoors but this baby shines in the sunlight! It's so beautiful that it makes me a bit sad. Sadly, I had some weird tipwear/shrinkage here... I dunno what it was! It's obvious in one picture but I fixed the others... so yeah, I have no idea what was up there. Also, I had to take these pictures as the sun was going down, so the lighting is weird (guys, my hands aren't orange) but the polish colour is pretty true to life, so I didn't worry about making sure my hands looked as corpse-like as they do in real life. This was two coats plus topcoat!

My hands sort of look like this irl...

No fake tan but the shimmer! *Drools*


And this was my St. Patrick's day mani (why do I keep writing Valentine's day?)... China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, a mid-toned neon green and ChG Emerald Sparkle, a deep green jelly with amazing glitter, one of the most beautiful polishes ever. I used a double basecoat for this mani because FLC is very very pigmented - if I'd applied it well, it probably could have been a one coater, but I used two. I used three for Emerald Sparkle, just because I love the depth of it so much!

My camera seems to think that FLC is a brighter sister to For Audrey... FAIL.

Speaking of fails, want to know how silly I am? I thought Emerald Sparkle would work well in a water marble... yeah. The glitter looks JANK that way. I wanted to try a green water marble for St. Patrick's day but it was an utter fail. All the pictures are terrible and pre-clean up, but you can get the idea. I've learned my lesson about glitters, I guess? Let's see. I used China Glaze Paper Chasing, Emerald Sparkle and Emerald Fitzgerald. UGH. So so bad. The rest of the nails were way worse but I couldn't get them to focus. :(

VOM. I couldn't believe how gross the glitter in ES looked. :(

And fiiiiiiiiiinally, I did a guest post on Elizabeth's blog today as part of the What's in Your Purse Friday series! Yay! You can go check out my glitterbomb of a purse and judge my hand lotion addiction. Fun for the whole family! I also included my theme song... it's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

WHEW, long post! Okay! Thanks for reading, my lovelies. I will talk to you all in the comments! <3


  1. LOL at your use of the word jank..bahaha. Also, LOVE Emerald Sparkle, and also all these people's watermarbles make me wanna do it...but I fail so hard...it's so disappointing in the end lmao

  2. Gussied up is such a lush color, it reminds me of that Chanel nail polish called "Vamp" (It's my mummsy's ,I could never afford it ) it looks black from afar but when you look closely you see it's a deep burgandy

  3. I love your humor! Sorry the water marbling didn't work. Seems like it would, didn't it?
    I got FLC but didn't keep it for myself.

  4. I have lucked out and picked up quite a few of the ChG rodeo diva collection. I love them. That was one excellent collection.

  5. Aww...so sad. It can be hard to capture the color sometimes. I've been wanting to water marble lately but I've been too lazy. lol. ChG GUG is very shimmery. Nice!

  6. @Elizabeth: It is a disappointment. I always watch Colette's videos and think that it's totally easy because it is for her. And then my soul always weeps.

    @PolkaDots/Rebecca: Ooh the Chanel is gorg! I love vampy colours, I don't mind that everyone thinks they're black. It's like a little secret for me, because I know it isn't!

    @Kimberly: Thank you! I'm glad someone likes it haha, I think people think I'm insane most of the time! My water marble did seem like it would work, but in hindsight, maybe a glittery jelly wasn't the best choice? I don't really understand all the process behind which colours go well together but green is the greatest and I thought I could make it work! FLC is super nice but I can't see myself wearing it a lot! Did you swap with someone?

    @Chris: It really was. People are always surprised when I go on about how much I like it, since it's not a glitterbomb collection at all, but it's so gorgeous. Beautiful colours, beautiful shimmer. I need to get the whole collection!

    @lacednotes/Karen: I wish I could just make what I see with my own eyes appear on the screen for you guys. Although my vision sucks, so maybe I should rephrase that and say "what I see on my nails". I can at least see that far. Water marbling is SO much work, isn't it? I think that's why my fails always frustrate me, it takes ages to get everything set up and all that and then it makes me want to punch babies when I mess up. I hope you try it though, I'd love to see it!

    Thanks for reading, lovelies! <3

    - Kirsten

  7. Emerald Sparkle is soooo pretty, but so is Gussied up Green!

  8. Hahah you made me drool! ChG Emerald Sparkle is to die for.

  9. I broke a nail and can't bring myself to apply polish until all my nails are the same length, and once they do I'm defo going to try that water marble once again. Talk about OCD.


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