24 March 2011

These are a few of my favourite things.

I probably shouldn't have given this post that title. Now I'm going to have Julie Andrews singing in my head all day. Great.

But it really fits when I'm talking about Nina Ultra Pro Purple Xing.

Outside, overcast

This polish just has so many things in it that I like. It's purple, it's full of glitter (lots of which is holo), and it was on sale. You may remember that I showed you this polish once before under Black Shatter, but it really deserves to be seen on its own. The picture above doesn't really show the true colour, it's much less blue in person as is evidenced by the other pictures I have.

Inside, "natural" light bulb

This is much closer to the actual colour of it, it's definitely a "true" purple in person. It's a little on the sheer side so I ended up using four coats of it, but it's totally worth it. The sheerness means that the glitter in all of the layers shines right through.

Inside, "natural" light bulb

Unfortunately, my camera fails miserably at capturing the glitter on my nails. It picks the glitter up REALLY well in the bottle, but for some reason it just didn't like to show it on my nails. Sadface. :(

Inside, "natural" light bulb
It doesn't look all that fantastic without a topcoat either, unfortunately. I don't think the polish itself has much natural shine, and it's incredibly lumpy from all the glitter. But with a two coats of China Glaze Fast Forward? Super awesome.

I actually had a horrible dream the other night that I picked up my bottle of Purple Xing and it was almost empty, and when I went to Sally's they were sold out and weren't going to get any more. I woke up terrified and spent a few frantic minutes searching through my stash to make sure it was okay.

Do you ladies like polishes like this? I know I sure do. What polish do you like to keep on hand for when you're feeling a little bummed out and need some cheering?


  1. Oh I've seen this one many times and debated getting it. I love the insane holo sparkle!.. Do you guys have Milani? You would LOOOOOVE Purple Gleam.

  2. loving it. I need this purple, but I always forget to buy it when I go to sally's for some reason

  3. :) Such a gorgeous polish!! I discovered purplexing at Sally's by mistake while hunting for Tronica. What a great find!! It makes me happy too...especially seeing it next to China Glaze Sun Worshipper on my nail wheel!

  4. @Cris: You should DEFINITELY pick it up if you get a chance! I LOVE Purple Gleam! Unfortunately I don't have it because the only place I've found that carries Milani only has boring shades. Boo. :( Purple Gleam is definitely one of the polishes that I spend a lot of time looking at swatches of. And Nubar Violet Sparkle for similar reasons. :)

    @Charlotte Sparkle: Thanks! It's definitely one of my favourite polishes.

    @Elizabeth: I almost didn't get it the first time I saw it. It was all separated and gross looking in the rack, but then I picked it up and shook it and was like "HOLY CRAP RAINBOWS!" and I knew it had to be mine. :)

    @Melissa: I discovered it by accident too! I was at Sally's back in January and they were having a 2 for $7 on Nina Ultra Pro, so I decided to see if I could find anything good. Oh man, I love Sun Worshiper! I don't have it yet, but it's high on the list of polishes I NEED to buy.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! <3

  5. Hee heee! Only a nail blogger's dream. :)
    I love this purple! What is it about a deeper purple and glitter; just makes me sigh with lust!

  6. @Kimberly: I'm surprised I haven't had more dreams like that, if I'm honest!
    I'm with you on the deep purple with glitter, it's a shame I can't seem to ever find any good ones where I live. I never stop wishing though!

  7. Oooh so pretty. I don't think I've seen this I must have over looked that at sallys. I'm gonna have to check it out. :)

  8. @MissMidnight: It really didn't look all that fantastic when I first saw it at Sally's, it was a complete fluke that I thought to pick it up!
    Thanks for reading!

  9. My pick me up, instantly amazing nail polish would be china glaze's "atlantis" you'll love it. Its a sheer teal with holo glitters. It looks great over China Glaze's turned up teal. anything teal is wonderful to me


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