22 April 2011

Day five: I suck at French tips

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Friday, whooooo! I'm sorry this post is so late. My roommate is moving out, so we had a sort of going away get together for her last night. I didn't end up getting the people who crashed here to bed until 4 and I didn't fall asleep until 5:30 or so. Then I got up early to clean everything up before roomie's parents got here. Hiding the evidence, right? All her stuff is pretty much gone now and my new roomie should be here on Sunday! I also just wanted to say that I hope my girl Jen feels better and that my girl Ange is feeling a bit better today. Hugs and good vibes, lovahhhs! <3

EDIT: I totally wanted to mention this and completely forgot because I feel bad about the weird posting time today! But I hit 500 followers yesterday and I want to thank you all so much! You all brighten my day and I'm so glad to have you around. Talking to you on twitter, Facebook or in comments makes me so happy. I've made some really great friends through blogging and I love my girls so much - you know who you are! So thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I know it's far from the best out there but I always do my best for you guys and I'm glad we're taking this little journey together! <3

Anyway, I just did a quick mani because it's the last sunny day we're supposed to have for the next week and I'm going to swatch like a crazy person while I can! So of course, I decided to go for holos. You can't beat the drying time and they always look awesome!

I got a wicked package in the mail the other day from the lovely Emily. She had found some of the China Glaze OMGs near her and was sweet enough to obtain two of the last OMGs I wanted - L8R G8R (of course) and GR8 (because I don't have many golds and it's holooooooo!) Thanks sweetie, you're the best!

I started out with L8R G8R, then I stamped using the swirly French tip from Konad M56 and China Glaze Techno Teal. I want to get better with French tips so I decided to try and tape this one off - my nails are more square and the plates are quite rounded, so I think it looks weird. Sadly, I clearly spend all my life with my head tilted, because the line on my middle finger is crooked... so annoying! I apologize for the bump on my middle finger, holos dry so fast that I have no idea how I managed to mess that up!

Blurred because look at that holo goodness!

And sorry for the messy bits on the tip and the fuzz, I have no idea what happened there!

Want to see L8R G8R on its own?

I'm drooling here. If I can just get my hands on 2NITE, I'll have all of the OMGs that interested me! Thank you again, Emily, you're a doll! <3

Is it sad that this is my brain's idea of subtle? Seriously. I kept trying to come up with words to describe it and my brain kept screaming at me that this was "subtle". Yeah. I don't really get it either.

That concludes my Konad week! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I know I'm not nearly as creative as pretty much anyone else who shows Konadicures, but I gave it my best shot! I hope that I'll get better at Konading with practice - I'd love to be as good as the gorgeous Cristina or the awesome Erika! I am link dropping all over the place today haha, but what can I say? I love these girls!

What do you lovelies think? How subtle do you think this is? Have you done any cool Konadicures lately? Do you use the French tip Konad plates? Do you use any special tricks to get everything lined up?

Have a beautiful day and I hope to talk to some of you in the comments!


  1. I'm all jeals and stuff. And you'll get better with practice! :D

  2. Ugh the freaking tip stamps man!! They are soo hard. I cant even get those to look good. More practice I guess lol. Your green holo base it to die for!


    Haha, don't worry.. I absolutely SUCK at french tips! xD I just put on Essie Fill the Gap! and a topcoat and I'm done.. ^^v TEE HEE

  4. Girl.....tell you a secret. I have never done french tips.

    Whoops, no longer a secret. LOL!

    It's better than what I would've done if I tried. <3

  5. Woot 500 followers! I like the colors you used here!

  6. Yay 500 followers..you know how happy I am for you <3 And, I like thissssssss, better than what I have done. I can't even do french tips with tape..let alone konad

  7. Whoa!!! Congrats on hitting 500 and 4 now.. LOL!! :) French tips were such a pain for me too but I got better with time.. The secret is that I've marked two exact opposite ends of the stamp and when I pick up the design I make sure it is aligned with the marks and I roll it straight across!! LOL I dunno if i made sense But I'll post about it with pictures on my blog soon :D And OMG!! I need you now.. I wish I could lay my hands on atleast one of the polishes in that collection.. Oh!! And after seeing your post I wish the one is L8r G8r.. :D

  8. @VERMILION ART Oooh let me know when you post, your French tips always look so good!

  9. Thank you all for the congratulations and commenting! <3


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