29 April 2011

Friday hodge podge and a fail

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Friday WHOOOOO! I'm glad it's Friday. Today's post is late because of miss Elizabeth, she wanted me to stay up and talk to her while she watched the royal wedding and I could hardly turn my girl down! So I came home from work, had a quick catnap, got up at 1 AM my time and finally went to bed around 6 AM. I'm wiped and running a bit slowly but another shower will wake me up, I think!

So today's post is just going to be some random stuff I have lying around. Sometimes I get a backlog of pictures (sometimes being all the time...) and I don't get around to posting them because I get distracted by other things.

First up, a very simple manicure that I quite liked, probably because I returned to my glitter accent nail ways with it. I need to do that more often. Or just wear more glitter again. I miss it. I used OPI Rumple's Wiggin' (part of my promise to get better with cremes!) and it only took me two coats to level it out, yay! Rumple's Wiggin' is a pale sort of lilac colour, I actually really liked it, though I hadn't been expecting to. I decided to add some glitter, so I added one coat of OPI Show It and Glow It. The weather was terrible that day, so I apologize for the lack of sunlight pictures!

Then when I got home, I added one more glitter... OPI Mad as a Hatter. I don't know how people think this, but whenever I go into a salon that sells nail polish wearing MAAH, people ALWAYS ask me if it's Show It and Glow It. I don't know why, because...

Show It and Glow It

Mad as a Hatter

I think they're pretty different and that those ladies don't have eyes...

Now, while wandering through London Drugs with my roomie a few weeks ago, I heard a make up counter sales assistant talking about this new brand of crackles they had. These are by a brand called La Rosa... I've never heard of them before, but I did find them online here if you're interested. Awesome colour selection, I want more! Naturally, I veered over to look and was immediately drawn in by a forest green crackle. Umm YES I love green! So I decided to try it during my swatchathon on Friday...

Layered over My Fabulous Fighter Jet, Jen's awesome franken, which you can see here.

The shadow by my middle finger is a total fail on my part but I'm only showing this picture because I love how the sparkle peeks through!

Andddddddd now for the fail.

Soooooo... my idea was for this to look like a globe, you know? Blue water and then the crackle would look like land? I used Sally Hansen Brisk Blue for the base and clearly didn't wait long enough for it to dry... fail. Also, Brisk Blue stained my fingers when I was removing it. Not a fan. It was a nice one coater though!

Alright, I've spammed you enough for one day! I hope you all have a lovely Friday! Tomorrow's post will be a bit different but I've already started writing it and I'm excited. I hope you guys like it too!

High five because it's the weekend and I hope to talk to some of you in the comments! 


  1. The globe manicure would be fun to do as a theme or for earth day! Too bad that blue stains, though... it seems like the perfect color for globe water.

  2. Bah, now I need to get rumple's wiggin & show it & glow it.

    Also those people have no eyes..MAAH is so much better/different than SIAGI.

    Also yes I love you for watching the royal wedding because you don't care about it BUT you know you can't resist me+britain+heckling royals=fantastic way to spend like 5 hours

  3. I love it!
    Your "fail" feels like a topo map!

  4. Love the glitter manicure, and that forest green crackle! PRETTY!

  5. Ok. Like, what?! Why is everybody posting about the Shrek polishes lately?! It is not helping me not buy them. D: Buuut, I love your glitter mani. I might need to replicate that. <3 And the forest green crackle is pretty! I kinda like your fail :D

  6. I really like it(:

    I tagged you for a Kreative Blogger award(:

  7. i love the first look, rumple wiggin is such a cool polish name :)

    shel xx


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