30 April 2011


Hello lacquered lovelies! Today's post is a bit different from what I usually do, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Please do not panic - nail polish is still involved. It's just not everything! And this is suuuuuper pic heavy so I apologize in advance! I'm also actually showing my face, which I feel all spastic about but I fail at taking mirror pictures and wanted to show my hair length when I talked about one product, so...

I went shopping with my new roomie, Melissa, on... Monday, I think? I don't remember. Yes, it must have been because we went to bingo and... oh well, you don't care about how old I am and how I have trouble remembering things! 

Anyway, I got a mixture of things - a lot of bath products, nail polish and some CDs - I rarely buy CDs anymore, though I have quite a few. I generally swap albums online with people - I'll upload something from my computer that I have on CD that I know they want and they do the same for me. It's still downloading, of course, but I feel slightly better knowing that at least one of us did buy the album.

This is everything all laid out. :)

Let's take a closer look! Starting with the polishes, perhaps?

Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, Saved by the Blue, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails blah blah Purple Pizzazz and Wet 'n' Wild The Wet 'n' Wild names kill me but the colours are pretty!

From the Retro Diva collection (2009). You all know how I feel about orange!

From the Holiday in Toyland collection (2008).

From the Holiday Wishes collection (2009). I got two bottles because the adorable miss Madita said it was one of her biggest lemmings. I can't wait to send it to her! I rarely get the chance to help in lemming slaying (boo Canada) so I'm super excited!

Biggest surprise of the day - I found this and the bottles of Shim-merry Chic at a hole in the wall salon!

I also have a slight addiction to yummy smelling bath products. From the Body Shop, I got:

I got the tea tree oil skin clearing lotion, fuzzy peach shower gel, ice blue shampoo (which smells all menthol-y), green apple shower gel and the tea tree oil foaming cleanser. I looooooove the tea tree oil stuff, it works really well for my skin and I love the smell. I also like that it's not full of chemicals, sometimes my skin needs a break! The Body Shop is having an awesome deal right now too - buy two, get one free, or buy five and get two free. I love stuff like that! There was also a groupon for the Body Shop, $40 (or $45 if used by the end of May) in products for $20! I went to go find the link but sadly, it appears that it has ended. :(

We also went to HMV, where I got two CDs...

Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding. To cut it short: Oasis is my favourite band. I was devastated when they broke up. I need all things Oasis-related, Beady Eye is basically Oasis without Noel so I got it. Though Noel was my favourite part of Oasis...

Another one of my obsessions is music. And along with that obsession (and hundreds of CDs) comes a bit of OCD. I have a... well, a list problem. I obsessively make lists all the time. I do it without even realizing it. Have you ever read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby? The main character, Rob, makes lists throughout the book, especially when it comes to music. Music is where my main list-making obsession comes in. All of this is a long way to say that I always have a list of bands that I want to get around listening to, and the Black Keys are on that list. I've got the first two albums on my computer but I wanted to try Brothers out too, and I quite like it so far!

And fiiiiiiinally, possibly my favourite part of the day, was our visit to Lush.

I got Retread because the jungle conditioner bar does NOTHING for me. I have pretty long hair and I moisturize it a lot, especially because it's wavy. I twitpicd this already, but here's what I mean:

Haha I look dumb. I would like to say that I don't make faces like that a lot, but it would be a lie. My hair is layered too, so the longest bits aren't usually visible, usually only half my hair is over my shoulder at any given moment, like this:

Oh yeah, and I look twelve. This was also a minimal make up day but still. I feel all anxious about doing this LOL... be merciful! I don't know how beauty bloggers do it... anyway! I just wanted to show what I mean when I say my hair is long and needs all the help it can get. Jen and I were talking on twitter about how much jungle sucks (I'm sorry but it's true - it also smells like clumps of grass and dirt. Eww) and the awesome and hilarious Emily suggested that we try Retread, a suggestion which the lovely Jeanette echoed. I haven't tried it enough to say for sure but it definitely makes my hair feel better!

Smells. So. Good.

One of my favourite perfumes ever - I hate floral scents with a passion, I like lighter scents like vanilla or fresh fruity scents like apple.

That is the butterball bath bomb. Mmm.

And soap! I was going to photoshop the prices out but I suck at photoshop, so I'm sorry! This one, Sexy Peel, smells very citrus-y and fresh. Looove.

This is my biggest soap addiction. It smells amazing. Seriously. I don't even want to attempt to describe it. Just get it. It's lovely.

I got this because it smells a bit minty and I thought it would help me wake up in the morning. It's the brightest blue ever!

And the Herbalism cleanser, which I decided to try after a recommendation from an employee at the Lush downtown. Mel and I went to another one in a mall (for old people), which I was stoked about because I find the employees at the one downtown totally overbearing and a bit terrifying.

WHEW this was supposed to be a quick post but it's so long! Thanks for staying with me if you made it this far, and I hope you enjoyed this! Thankfully, I don't do this often (my wallet is also glad) so I probably won't do this again unless it's something you enjoyed - let me know in the comments!

Again, I'm sorry for the pic spam! I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday and I hope to talk to some of you in the comments! And tell me, what's your favourite bath product? Or your favourite Lush/Body Shop product? I love hearing suggestions!


  1. And now I need to buy lush. Mainly the soaps, for the names. I've bought bath bombs/shower bombs for gifts before but never for myself.

  2. have you ever tried the body shop's shampoos? i use the banana one and it's super yummy smelling and leaves my hair wicked soft. one little tip about lush's perfumes, if you mix the solid orange blossom with vanillary spray it smells like a creamsicle! anyhoo, i follow you on twitter and am now a regular reader of your blog. thanks for all the tips and i look forward to your future adventures.

  3. Ohhh I am SO jealous of your hair! And you have cute eyes *insert creepy stalker voice*

  4. Great haul and Gorgeous hair dear :D You know orange and green are my favorite colors. you Should check out my new blogpost about my new orange earphones.. :D

  5. waheeeey thanks for the shout out! As a lush employee, i congratulate you on your choices! all my faves! herbalism can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, any trouble holla at me! you can also use retread as a treatment, leave it on for 5-10 minutes for the best results! (i sound like the back of a pantene bottle). you shouldnt be worried about posting face pics! i like that your pictures are 'real' - theyre not photoshoppped, youre not pouting like a diva, and you have a lovely smile! so shush, mrs! im the same though - very self concious! cant wait to see the polish swatches too!

  6. I love Lush stuff, especially Lemony Flutter for the cuticles! :)

  7. You are so adorable. <3 I have the Body Shop shampoo as well and I love it. Mmmm minty goodness. I think my favourite Lush product right now is the Squeaky Green shampoo. Makes my hair all soft and yummy smelling. Speaking of which, I love your hair! Personally I quite like the Jungle conditioner, but my hair is shorter than yours and tends to get oily if I use products that are super moisturizing, so that might be why. :/

    And I squeed about Shimmery Chic and Rattle & Hum. My day has been made. :D

  8. Nice haul I also didn't like jungle I gave the rest of mine away I do like retread its more moisturizing I'm also loving The irresistable bliss shampoo bar and r&b leave in treatment!

  9. @Deborah GIRL this made me laugh, you are so so cute <3

  10. @Kirsten Glitta Gloves

    Just wait for me to stand in front of your bedroom window *muahahaha*

  11. I nominated you both for the Kreativ Blogger Award http://nailpolishobsession.blogspot.com/2011/05/kreativ-blogger-award.html

  12. Yay! Finally I can leave comments again! Been having that problem for a few days!

    2008 holiday shades?! Nice find! I wish there was a site that still sold some of those. I'd snap up the red shimmers and whatever glitters there may be. Don't you hate how the discontinue beautiful shades? :(

  13. Awesome post and awesome face! :)


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