28 April 2011

A Jen franken

Hello lacquered lovelies. We're almost at the weekend... yay! I'm glad Ange and Landa are okay... seriously glad. And I hope that anybody down there that might be reading is safe, and that you hear from relatives soon for those of my lovelies that might have family down there.  

Anyway... today's polish is pretty awesome... except my camera utterly failed at capturing it. A little while ago I did a swap one of my giiiiiirls, the lovely, sweet and awesome Jen. It was so cool to swap with her and I was so excited - she was my very first swap and I'm glad that it was someone that has turned into a good friend!

So, like any nail blogger with eyes that, you know, function, can attest to, the holo version of OPI My Private Jet is pretty coveted. It's got a smoky black base and totally in your face linear holo. Just google it. It's a bit sheer, but the holo. There are at least two versions of it floating around, but I believe it's actually three... the original holo version, then a lighter charcoal-brownish base that looks a bit pink, and then one that's way more brown than black. Sometimes you'll see the original on ebay, usually for some outrageous sum of money, and I was always sorely tempted. Jen and I are sadly lacking in the original, but Jen, the crafty little minx, decided to franken her own, and that's what I'm showing you today.

A word of warning - it is 100000000000000000000x better in person. Seriously. Jen did a much better job of showing it off here, but I tried my best! She named this beauty My Fabulous Fighter Jet - how cute is she?

Seriously soooo pretty. I want this in every colour.

I've tried to do this polish justice a few times since I got it but the last time was the first day that I had full on sunlight for more than two minutes. I took about 200 pictures of this!

Please sell these, Jen. Pretty please with magic on top? I'd cut bishes for more polishes like this... :)

What do you guys think? How awesome is this? Would you buy it? 

That's all from me today. I hope to talk to some of you in the comments! I know I've been crap at replying lately but I'm going to get better, promise. It's been a weird last couple of days! I also have a question - would you guys be interested in seeing a haul post on Saturday? It's not REALLY nail polish related (though I did get some polishes) - it would be a mix of polish, bath products... and a couple CDs haha. Is that something you'd be interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments!

Please keep those in the storm areas in your thoughts and prayers. I'll be thinking of my girls as mother nature continues to be a b*tch and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe.


  1. So pretty! <3

    Give MPJ a run for its money!

  2. It looks great on you! If I ever get around to frankening that into more colors you are first on my list to send a bunch to!

  3. The color is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

  4. I want this...or I want to know how to make it actually...and I am always up for seeing your random life LOL

  5. I would buy as many bottles of this as I could possibly get. So pretty. <3 Would love to see that haul post as well! xx

  6. If I had more than one bottle of DS original, that bad boy would turn into this quick. Hmmm tho... I do have small franken bottles that wouldn't take up too much polish...

    BTW, love it.

  7. Want...simply want. Nice job Jen and thanks for showing it Kirsten! I think a few girls that franken some really good ones should get an etsy store together. Sooo want!!!!!

  8. @Jen Giiiirl I'll be your biggest fan when you start selling these, every bottle will be mine. LOL I've planned your future for you already, you're welcome! Thank you so much again for swapping with me and for sending me your awesome creation <3

  9. this is amazing she is very talented!

    shel xx


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