27 April 2011

A Pink Wednesday comparison!

Hi lacquered lovelies! Happy hump day! The preteen in me always laughs when I say that... anyway! Today is Wednesday and you know what that means! Don't forget to check the website out to see the other bloggers participating! And don't forget that you can join there yourself - Jasmine made a handy little form to fill out and then she'll add you to the blogroll! And then you can sit with us... ;)

So today I have another comparison post involving the China Glaze Island Escape collection. I got a couple of emails asking for this one, so I decided to take full advantage of the sunlight when it appeared! I'll say now that this will be a little picture-heavy, but I really want to show the differences between the polishes!

For this comparison, I used China Glaze Ahoy!, China Glaze 108 Degrees and OPI Wing It!. The China Glaze polishes needed three coats for me to be pleased with their opacity, but the OPI needed four and even then I wasn't happy with it - maybe I just got a dud bottle? Also, I'm sorry about that irritating bit of missed polish on my pinky. I tried to photoshop it out, since I haven't gotten the good sunlight to do these again, but I suck at photoshopping on the best of days, so... I'm sorry!

Full sunlight


Lamp (the one I originally showed Ahoy! under)

And close up shots of each - Ahoy!.

108 Degrees

And Wing It!.

I included Wing It! because I needed a third colour and because it has the same kind of shimmer as 108 Degrees, but that's where the similarities end. Wing It! is much more of an orangey-red pink, 108 Degrees looks like sparkly candy and Ahoy! is almost more of a magenta colour. 

I wouldn't call 108 Degrees and Ahoy! dupes, but, like yesterday, cousins. Wing It! is like that weird friend that everyone has that looks like another one of your friends and everyone thinks they're related but they aren't and... yeah. That friend.

I can't pick a winner between the China Glazes. I love both for different reasons - Ahoy! is the only pink I've worn multiple times and I fall a little more in love with it each time. But 108 Degrees appeals madly to my magpie-like nature and it screams summer. My camera freaks out at all of its awesome sparkle all the time - you can't hide it even in the shade! Loooove!

That's all from me today! What do you guys think? What would you pick as the winner? Are you looking forward to getting any Island Escape polishes? I know that comparison posts aren't always that enjoyable to read but I hope you find them helpful!

Thanks for reading, lovelies! Have a beautiful day and I hope to talk to some of you in the comments!


  1. I always wondered about Ahoy! and 108 degrees cause the promo pics looked a lot alike, thanks for posting this, I see the difference now :-)

  2. Mmmm so much pink...and Sparkle! I just bought a full bottle of Ahoy and now I need the ChG Island Escape, partially for 108 Degrees and EP! Loving the comparison posts by the way!

  3. "I wouldn't call 108 Degrees and Ahoy! dupes, but, like yesterday, cousins. Wing It! is like that weird friend that everyone has that looks like another one of your friends and everyone thinks they're related but they aren't and... yeah. That friend."

    You made me laugh so hard at this part!

  4. Damn, girl. You're making me crave pinks and pink and I are so not happening. Maybe I'll give a 108 degrees a whirl. (Or not, since paying $20 for shipping doesn't really thrill me.) Thanks for the comparison at any rate!

    Also, you're so funny and cute! I love reading your posts! <3

  5. your great girll! I love the comparisons! and i think i might need to pick up wing it! its so pretty!

  6. I really love Wing It. It just pops out at me.

  7. HUMP HUMP HUMP! needed to get that out of my system. that is one sexual looking sparkle. 108 degrees is like Ahoy with a big sparkly cherry on top! x

  8. I like both of the China Glazes - but I had the OPI and gave it away, it was not a favorite of mine. Great comparison!

  9. @Adriana I'm glad you found this helpful! I thought they looked a lot alike too but I'm very relieved to see that they aren't! Thanks for commenting!

  10. @Deborah LOL I'm glad you enjoyed that, I always worry that everyone is going to think I'm really strange when I say stuff like that! <3

  11. @Madita I'm not a pink fan either but pink Wednesdays are a great chance for me to go through all the pinks that I'm somehow accumulated LOL. And aww you're so sweet, thank you, sugar! <3

  12. @Hey-Hay Aww thanks, sweetie! I hope you can get your hands on Wing It!, even though it was a bit sheer for me I still really like it, the base colour makes it interesting! Thanks for commenting! <3

  13. @LemonyEmily LOLOLOL girl, I'm sitting here laughing to myself at that. Sexual looking sparkles indeed! Thank you for brightening my day with that comment! <3

  14. Thanks for commenting, everyone! I'm sorry I've been so crap at responding but I will be better next week, promise! <3

  15. i love ahoy i have it and its fast becoming the go to :)

    shel xx

  16. Oh, I have all three, interesting! The 1st pic I was like, not close at all, but then in the shade they're very close and individually, forget about it - same, same. Thanks for the comp post... :)


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