26 April 2011

Yay no dupe alert!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I always like Tuesdays, I'm not sure why. Usually I work but it's senior's day at my workplace, and my love for history means I'm also pretty fond of old people lol!

Anyway, today I have a comparison post for you. I've seen a lot of questions asked about these two and I haven't seen too many comparisons done yet, but I got a few emails and decided to give it a go. A lot of people wondered if China Glaze's Electric Pineapple (from the upcoming [and gorgeous] Island Escape collection) was similar to OPI's Fiercely Fiona. I recently picked FF up while it was on clearance at a local salon (the first time I grabbed at it my roommate had to hold back her vomit lol!) and put it on my "to do" list of blog-related things - my spreadsheet may not be done, but I've gotten two Island Escape comparisons done! Enough talky talky, onto the pictures!

On my middle finger is Fiercely Fiona, ring is Electric Pineapple and my pinky is EP close to my cuticle and FF on the "top" half.

Apologies for the bad clean up here, but I did this (with a terrible line - I seriously can't eyeball anything lol!) to show them right next to each other. Next to Fiercely Fiona, Electric Pineapple looks green!

So there we have it. Not dupes - FF is much more yellow and EP has that dash of green in it. More like cousins. In terms of application, they were about even - streaky nightmare on the first coat, leveling out on the second coat but still needing that third to get everything all evened out. I quite like both colours - FF is almost dirty looking and EP seems pretty unique - but I have to say that I like Electric Pineapple better. I think it looks slightly better on me (though both are far from being ideal colours for my skintone!) and I like the touch of green it has better.

Electric Pineapple really looks green in these pictures, looking back at them.... Let me remind you of what it looks like, even though I've already posted this picture:

Ugh stupid raggedy nail edge. Anyway, it's not green!

So there you have it. I'm sorry for your wallets, but they are not dupes. Then again, I realize that these colours aren't for everyone - I personally like colours that my former roomie would call "fugly", so there we go. I'm wondering if I should have included OPI Who the Shrek Are You? in this, just to see - I kind of see Electric Pineapple as the lovechild of WTSAY? and FF. 

That's all from me today, lovelies. What do you think? Which do you prefer? Do you like colours like this? Is this a pass for you? I'm glad to have both, personally!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day and I hope to talk to some of you in the comments!


  1. Haha you realize how much I laugh reading your posts right? Yes, I know need both and WTSAY because they all scream AWESOME to me..even though most people say they are ugly! LOL

  2. I'm with you, I adore the fugly colours =) They make life so much more interesting than a plain ole red polish haha. <3

  3. Thank you for the comparison! xx

  4. Electric Pineapple is way more awesome judging from your pictures!

  5. Nice swatches thanks for the clarification

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with that shade. I still can't decide if I like it.

  7. I'm glad you found this helpful, lovahhhhs! I hope you pick at least one of them up because they're both so interesting! Thank you for commenting! <3


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