18 May 2011

ABCs of Glitta Gloves

Hello lacquered lovelies! I saw this tag floating around. I haven't been tagged but I wanted to do it and tag some of my girls, so let's do it!

A. Age: 
I'm 21. Which seemed really old when I actually turned 21, but now I'm starting to realize that I still (hopefully) have so much ahead of me.

B. Bed size:
Twin. I had a queen back home but it's hard to move such a huge bed around when you move as much as I have this year.

C. Chore you hate:
Is taking out the garbage even a chore? I really hate doing that, anyway.

D. Day:
I like Sundays, because during classes it's the only day where I don't have to go to class or work. Now, it's any day I get off of work... like today!

E. Essential start to your day:
Coffee. I have finally admitted my caffeine addiction after getting a splitting headache when I had to skip it a couple of days ago.

F. Favorite color:
Weirdly, it's purple. Which I rarely show on here. But to keep this nail related, green is my favourite nail polish colour.

G. Gold or Silver:
Silver. I'm not keen on gold at all.

H. Height:
Haha oh man. I'm 5'2 if I cheat a little bit.

I. Instruments:
Clarinet is my instrument of choice. :) I can play bits and bobs of other instruments. And I love to sing.

J. Job title:
Student, really. Although right now I'm working in retail... I hate my job.

K. Kids:

L. Live:
In Canada! Almost as far west as you can get :)

M. Mom’s name:
Melody. I love my mommalom and I love her name, it suits her perfectly. Some of my earliest memories are of my momma singing.

N. Nicknames:
Kirs, Glitta Gloves (how else would my blog name have come about?), any other assortment of affectionate insults that my friends and I call each other. I prefer Kirs to Kirsten, actually, because I really hate my name haha.

O. Overnight hospital stays:
I don't understand the question?

P. Pet peeve:
Rudeness. I hate people who don't say "please" and "thank you". I hate people who treat me like I must be stupid because I work a crappy job. I also hate people who can't spell... and people with poor grammar.

Q. Quote from a movie:
Since it's Wednesday... "She's not interested. So you can go shave your back now." Regina George, Mean Girls.

R. Right or left handed:
I'm right-dominant, but I can write with both hands. A skill I spent a summer teaching myself before university, because my demented brain thought it would be useful... what?

S. Siblings:
I have a twin, and my brothers are twins.

T. Time you wake up:
Depends on what time I go to bed at and what time I have to work.

U. Underwear:
Is pretty nice sometimes? Some of these are baffling to me.

V. Vegetables you dislike:
Ugh god. I'm not a fan of peppers unless they're actually in things. And brussels sprout. I die whenever I smell them. It's disgusting. It's not a vegetable, but I'm also a vegetarian. I don't dislike people eating meat or something, but some of it smells foul to me when it's cooking. Especially lamb. *Gags*

W. What makes you run late:
Very few things. Usually lack of sleep. Or an inability to find my keys in my ridiculously huge purse when I need to run out and lock the door.

X. X-Rays you’ve had:
My teeth about a million damn times.

Y. Yummy food you make:
I like cooking. :) I want to make some brownies today!

Z. Zoo:
I need to go to a zoo soon. I haven't been for years now. I always like looking at all the reptiles. My dream pet is a bearded dragon. A Leucistic one, to be exact. I love albino-like things. And a bulldog called Winston.

Image found here

Image found here

I love "ugly" things. "Ugly" polish, "ugly" animals, all that. My other dream dog is another Shar-Pei... I had one once.

I can't imagine having another Shar-Pei that looks like her, though... I think I'd want an apricot coloured one next.

Image found here

Yeah. I'm going to go smash my head against brick walls now. Cuteness effing overload a;ghsad;gjhs;djlghs.

I tag anyone who wants to do this! Specifically, I'll tag my girls...



  1. aw this was lovely to read!
    i love the photos of the dogs,
    all of them are so precious!

    oh and i hate taking the garbage out too :)

  2. I hate brussels sprouts too! So nasty and my husband loves them :/

  3. awwwww I love this! I'm going to do it! :) the pics are so cute!!! and I don't find them ugly!

  4. NONE. NONE EVARRRR <3 I fucking love you kirs <3

  5. Thanks for the tag love! I'm totally doing it! Hey I have a beardie!! She's not albino but bright peachy orange. Her name is Amelia lol.

  6. This was lovely to read. I love hearing something about the people behind the blogs. :) Awww, cuteness overload. I like "ugly" animals as well (they're even cuter than others). Unless they're insects or spiders. OH GOD, PLEASE NO SPIDERS. D: (great, I'll be paranoid about a spider coming to kill me because I said that for the rest of the day. fml.) Um. Anyway. I really liked reading this. <3

  7. Aww I used to have two bearded dragons but they died.. =[


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