19 May 2011

Bundle Monster Stamping with Nicole :)

Hey ladies, it’s Nicole again! This is up a wee bit later than I had planned, sorry about that. My intention had been to write this up last night and then schedule it to post, but my wireless network had other plans and I ended up just writing it in a TextEdit document so I could copy/paste and add in the pictures.

Anyway, how have you gorgeous things been doing since I last blogged at you? I am once again back to being unemployed, but I’m staying optimistic!

As Kirsten mentioned in a post last week, I’m going to be showing you a manicure I did with my new set of Bundle Monster plates!

The base here is one coat (!) of China Glaze Little Drummer Boy, a beautiful navy shimmer. I really love this polish because not only is it a one-coater that dries pretty quickly, but it actually looks blue in almost every light, it’s not one of those ones that turns black as soon as the light dims a bit. The only drawback is that it stains like nobody’s business (or at least it did for me), so it’s vital to use two coats of base coat if you don’t want to scrub your cuticles with acetone after.

On top of LDB I stamped the geometric outline design from BM-208 on all of my fingers except for my ring finger with China Glaze Adore, the light blue metallic polish from the Romantique collection. I’m sure you know by now that that collection is absolutely fantastic for stamping and, at least for me, much easier to get ahold of than the Konad special stamping polishes.

For my ring finger I used the geometric non-outline stamp from the same plate as the other. I don’t know if those descriptions make sense, but if you’ve got the plate (or look at a picture of it) you’ll know exactly what I mean. They aren’t total opposites, but they are similar enough to me.

(I feel like I should mention that this isn’t the original manicure I did at Kirsten’s place when I first got the plates. I originally used OPI Russian Navy as a base, but the pictures I took of it didn’t turn out and then my mani chipped before I had a chance to re-do it. I don’t have Russian Navy, but I thought LDB would be a good substitute)

I finished it all off with a coat of a new topcoat I came across at Winners a while back, Calvin Klein Splendid Glaze fast-drying topcoat. If you can manage to get a bottle of it, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t smudge Konad designs if you use a light touch, it’s not super thick, it doesn’t cause any shrinkage, and it doesn’t smell like death. I don’t know if it dries as fast as Seche Vite because I don’t really pay attention to that, but it’s certainly faster than a regular topcoat, and for the $6 that I paid for it that’s really all I care about.

The only reason I even took notice of BM-208 more than the others was that there was a mix-up with my plates that resulted in me getting two of them, but no BM-206 plate. Fortunately the customer service at Bundle Monster is incredible and it’s all sorted out (they sent me a BM-206 plate at no charge and I gave the extra BM-208 to my cousin/Kirsten’s roomie) and I have the full set, but I kind of like that something good came out of a mistake. :)

Phew, that was a lot of writing! Thanks so much for reading and I will talk to you again soon!


  1. Those colours look awesome together!

  2. Nicoleeeeeeeeeeee <3 I miss you! Love the manicure!

  3. look so cute! love the combination :D

  4. I love this combo. I really need to get my hands on the BM plates soon!


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