16 May 2011

Essie Brazilliant

Hello lacquered lovelies! Another week begins. It's a super busy day at my stupid job today - we're having a massive sale, so today is just going to be filled with idiots arguing with me and person after person after person. Ah well, thank god it's only once every few months. And I did my nails for the theme for it, since I don't have the clothing for this theme. I might start a theme week because of it, if you guys aren't sick of theme weeks!

For today, I have an orange. I know, I know. But I missed them last week and roomie and I found the new Essie Brazilliant display! I was so excited too. I grabbed two polishes, Brazilliant and Smooth Sailing, which didn't appeal to me at all in promo pictures. And then I saw it in person and fell in love. But more on that in another post!

Brazilliant is an awesome bright orange packed with shimmer. I love this polish like I love all oranges. Formula was a breeze too, this was two coats. I only have one comment that might be a negative for some of you, but let me show you first. Again, I apologize for the lighting. I might start smashing skulls if we don't get some darn sunlight here!

 I don't know if you can tell... it has this weird finish, almost like rubber? It reminds me of those Orly Plastix polishes... what is it, a satin finish?

But it's even prettier with topcoat...

Yeah. Delicious. I know I show a lot of oranges but I really do love them. I think I need to do a blue week soon, I don't feel like I post enough of them. Or enough browns. Or reds, but... ngh. I'll try harder. Are there any colours you'd like to see more of?

That's it from  me today! What do you think? Do you like this polish? Are you going to be picking up any polishes from this collection? If I could only suggest one, it would actually be Smooth Sailing. It's so gorgeous that I just stared at my nails all day when I wore it. Essie's really been stepping up their game lately, I've been loving their collections! I went from having no Essie polishes to loving quite a few of them!

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I haven't seen the brazilliant collection out yet! Imma have to hunt for it now!
    This looks great on you <3

  2. I'd love a cream gray/taupe week : D or a blue week as you suggested! That'd be awesome!

    Also, did u already do a post on clean-up tips? I always figured that nail polish bloggers had EPIC application skills, but apparently it's all about the clean-up. -__-" Would u do a post with some tips on it? : D Pretty please?

  3. I like that weird rubbery finish, makes it more special or something? But the shimmer is better when TC'd <3.

    Doing a red week would be such a challenge for you! So, I am daring you :D throw us a week of reds!

  4. I actually like it without the topcoat. It's a great orange.

  5. This is such a beautiful color! I normally don't wear orange polishes but I would totally buy this one :) The little shimmers are so nice.

  6. That is such a pretty orange, wonder how it look in my collection lol!?

  7. Ooh, the finish looks like a vinyl! Very pretty, not as bright as I expected from the promo pics! xx

  8. I am in love with this polish. Not gonna lie. We're going to run away and have babies together.


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