28 May 2011

Psychedelic orange

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Saturday! How are you doing? I'm writing this as I get ready for work so I'll be a bit brief. I get off work at a relatively decent time today so I'm going to come home and watch some of the Saw movies lol. None of them are as good as the first one was but I do like gory movies and I find them funny, in a way!

Today I have what I kept calling a "sunshine mani" in my head. The weather was supposed to be miserable on the day that I wore this and I wanted something to cheer myself up. It was actually a gorgeous day but I suppose either way it works, right?

I picked up two of the summer FingerPaints polishes and used them both for this manicure. I used two coats of Outta Sight Orange (which I will have a comparison post with soon). On my ring finger I used four coats of Psychedelic Sunshine. On a side note, holy god PS had a bit of a nightmare formula. The polish itself is gorgeousssssss, but I had to use about 15 drops of thinner to get it to the point where it wasn't just giant globs over my nails! I know other people had this problem too... for me it was worth the effort, but I don't know if it will be for everyone.

I'm sorry that it's a bit blurry but this was the only picture where I didn't have a weird shadow over my nails!

Macro of Psychedelic Sunshine

I got a lot of compliments on this, surprisingly. Although I kind of forget that "normal" people don't really do accent nails lol. I think some people thought it was a mistake! Ah well, I loved this while it lasted.

What do you lovelies think? How do you feel about Psychedelic Sunshine? Do you want to see that comparison post with Outta Sight Orange? Did you pick up any of the new FingerPaints summer polishes? They're all gorg but these are the only two that called to me!

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I love this manicure, although none of the polishes in this collection really spoke to me, which is too bad since their spring collection was so pretty!

    and my boyfriend always makes fun of me for doing accent fingers...

  2. These are perfect for a sunny day! Have psychedelic in my untrieds!

  3. Oh wow is that ever bright. I'm still astonished at how well you pull off orange. :P

  4. The yellow is my favorite but it was the green that was the thickest for me when I got them. The yellow was a bit thick but not any of the horror a lot of you guys have encountered! They should have better quality control. :/

    It looks so pretty like that! I do accents too but usually my left middle finger cause that's where I wear my ring. Unfortunately, it raises some questions too if I am flipping people off stylishly or what. :/

  5. Oh man, I love this mani! Accent nails are fun.. and now I want Psychedelic Sunshine!

  6. That color is gorgeous, I love accent mani's. This is one of my favorites ^_^

  7. Woot! 600th follower! I just browsed a few of your blog entries and I love all the different styles and colors you have. Will definitely be following along for new ideas. :)


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