29 June 2011

Don't shoot me!

Hello lacquered lovelies! I KNOW IT'S WEDNESDAY AND I'M NOT WEARING PINK. I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't get anything prepped in time so I'm wearing pink as I write this - and of course, the weather is miserable outside when it was supposed to be "partly cloudy". Yeah... it's raining. I'm hoping it will get sunny like it does later and then I'll schedule this mani as a post for next week... hopefully! And I'm sorry about the lack of a post yesterday... I was really cranky and didn't want to bring it here, so I spent my day on twitter instead. I'm sorry!

I'm going to keep working my way through the Color Club Starry Temptress set. I was so stoked on this set and I was thrilled to find it! I love glitter and I love having obnoxious, attention-grabbing nails sometimes (most of the time... unless it's a Channelesque/Below Deck type of shade. I love those hard) so this set was beckoning from etailers for months, begging for me to allow it into my home.

So I'm showing the orange, You Got Soul-ar. You knew I would love this, didn't you? My love for orange is almost obscene. These colours are tricky to capture - they're sooo neon but to try and get them to be somewhat colour accurate while still showing the glitter is tricky. I was just looking at Scrangie's swatches and have come to the conclusion that you should really just own these. Pictures can't do them justice.

I used three coats - and a topcoat, since apparently people hate seeing neons matte haha - for these pictures!

So that's how my camera captured it normally. Pretty decent, but think more neon. So I remembered that I have a vivid colour setting on my camera that's supposed to help pick bright colours up better, decided to give that a go...

It makes my hands look really tanned and weird - seriously weird - but I'd say this is more colour accurate. Not quite this dark, a touch lighter.

Someone else said to try taking pictures with my nails underwater... I don't think it worked very well with this colour!

I love these. They're so unique. I love the Color Club brush too, and their bottles are definitely easier for my carnie hands to hold.

I got my set for $12.99 at Winners. Fellow Canadians, you might have some luck there!

What do you lovelies think? Do you like this collection? How do you feel about glitter that isn't really sparkly? Do you like neons?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. WOW! CRAZY BRIGHT, i love it :)

  2. This looks great on you! Shame on you for not wearing pink on Wednesday. Shhh! Neither am I. LOL Anyway...I like this color and the concept, but does the glitter make it bumpy?

  3. It looks great on you! so bright!

  4. I love this collection very much, I own this one, the blue one and the green, they are so pretty.
    I love your nails!

  5. This looks great! I really should check my camera too for color accuracy. i've been having issues esp with purples!

  6. Such a nice orange! Such nail envy <3

  7. Whoa, no pink on you and here it was my FIRST pink Wednesday! But that color is immensely cool. I love oranges and freaking adore glitter. Rock on!

  8. @Megan Harmeyer Honestly, it's not that bumpy! It's more bumpy than a straight neon but definitely nowhere near as bumpy as a straight glitter - I find a generous layer of topcoat sorts the bumpiness out!

  9. @Carolina Oooh I haven't worn the green one yet! It looks AWESOME though! Did you find these to be a bit sheer? Thank you for your compliment about my nails, it means a lot to me! <3

  10. @kelliegonzo Um THANKS beautiful! I always feel like oranges don't work on me but then you all encourage me so I keep buying them LOL! <3


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