18 June 2011

a-england Lady of the Lake

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Saturday! I have the day off tomorrow, whooo! I'm going to do some more shopping for swaps tomorrow (although I still have no idea what's going on with this Canada Post strike... any Canadians out there that are better informed than I am? LOL) and just be lazy... exciting! Do you have any plans for today or tomorrow? :)

Today I have another a-england beauty for you. I love these so hard haha. I'd love for Adina to do an entire line with these lovely holographics - imagine! Even though they're not the linear holos we all covet, there's nothing wrong with a scattered holo - don't tell anyone, but sometimes I prefer them!

So today's beauty is Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake is called Viviane in the version of the legend that I'm familiar with. I think I might do a post on the story behind these tomorrow - would you guys be into reading that? I was just writing this but I have a rather... well, the way I relate history and legends is hardly appropriate for a review sometimes tehe!

Anyway, Lady of the Lake is a beautiful dark purple scattered holo. This is two coats - and can I just talk about the bottles for a minute? I looooove the bottle shape and the look, the silver cap is a nice touch. And the brush is awesome. I don't know what it is, but I barely had to do any clean up with these. I got an almost perfect line (too much caffeine = shaky hands, and we all know I have a coffee addiction) with very little effort. This is also without topcoat. Glossyyyyyyy.

More pic spam, I know, but this is gorgeous. I can't help it.

And that's all I've got today! A perfect end to my normal posting week, I think!

Don't forget about Adina's sale - free shipping and handling to any of the countries listed on the website (please check, as there are a couple that she is unable to ship to at the moment!) and nine pounds per polish instead of 9.50! Go on, you know you want some. It's okay, I've provided a handy link for you. You're welcome! ;)

And talk to Adina on twitter (pssst - more pictures of her adorable kitten Tristam all the time!  <3) or on Facebook! She's a busy little bee but she'll always get back to you :)

That's all! What do you lovelies think? Have I convinced you to get any a-england polishes yet? Are you going to take advantage of the sale? Which other a-england polishes should I get? I'm itching to place an order right now LOL!

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

The product in this post was provided to me for review. For more information, see my disclosure tab above.


  1. great mani :D love dark blue
    last i heard, canada post and the government made a deal and they're to be back at work on monday!

  2. Awesome colour, and I'd totally be into reading the story :)

  3. The more of this brand I see, the more I want to try it! Very pretty color on you.

  4. I dunno whats going on with the strike either, its rotating I guess? lol

    Pretty polish! :)

  5. Love the purple. And I'm loving your larger pics they look awesome! It really does justice to your manicure and your nails <3

  6. These polishes are WAY too gorgeous. I'm totally in love. <3

  7. I'm so glad I bought this one! Now I can't wait to use it after seeing it on you!!

  8. That is incredible! I've never tried a-england before, but I've seen about a zillion swatches, and they always keep me interested!

  9. pretty!!! i would LOVE to have this polish in my collection.

  10. Awww I love this one!!! Too bad I'm on a no-buy.

  11. I'm trying to be more financially responsible regarding nail polish (ha!) but £0.50 off and free shipping is a great deal, huh? Love both of the a-england's you've shown us, but it surprises me that I like Tristam more. I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to purple.

    I love history, so the idea of hearing the back story re: these polishes is very exciting to me!!


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