25 June 2011

Look what I found!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Saturday! What are you up to today? Any plans? I'm working again today haha. Ah well, such is life!

Today I have a polish from a collection that I was super excited to find. You know when the Color Club Starry Temptress collection came out? I was dying for it. Neon glitters that aren't actually sparkly? NEED. I love neons (though I don't show them, like, ever - do you know why? It's because I photograph almost all of my manis and neons are too difficult LOL) and obviously I love glitter... or my blog wouldn't be called Glitta Gloves haha! I found this at Winners for $12.99, so Canadians, if you're wanting some Color Club sets, check the Winners closest to you - there was loads of stuff at mine!

So this is Otherwordly, the awesome blue. All of these polishes are basically the same as the Poptastic polishes, just with glitter. Normally this would bug me but I love the Poptastic collection, so... I did two coats for this, but I think I should've done three. Just for a mani, as I was intending to wear this, I would've been okay with two. For pictures, it should've been three. Ah well! I added topcoat as well, since I figure it's more useful to see these polishes the way that most of you would actually wear them - honestly, you all are probably a lot better than me about remembering topcoat!

Mmm. This didn't dry super gritty - it's not super gritty but it's not perfectly smooth either. I added China Glaze Fast Forward, which got absorbed rather quickly, and then slapped some Seche Vite on. I find that's the easiest way to avoid shrinkage and still get all the crazy shine of Seche Vite!

That's it from me today! What do you lovelies think? Do any of you have tips for photographing neons? I'm dreading doing the purple from this set LOL, purples are notoriously difficult anyway and this one looks mental! Have you picked any polishes from this collection up? Does this appeal to you?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I bought both the Poptastic and Starry Temptress sets at the same time. Winners and me have been having an on-going love affair for the past few months. I hope he doesn't let me down. Haha. ;) Great pictures. I have yet to wear any from this collection but you definitely pushed these to the top of my 'swatch' list!

  2. ive been seeing a lot of glittery blue these past few days. super cute color!

  3. Going to a graduation party this evening. Other than that, just staying indoors as much as possible to avoid the heat. That color is great! I love the glitter in the neon - great idea. I don't remember when these came out. Guess I wasn't paying attention?

  4. I am actually quite surprised at how well the purple applied in my set. The only one I had any application problems with was the Orange, it was on the thick side but a few drops of polish thinner helped it out.

  5. This is beautiful, I still want this whole set but don't live near a Winners or a Ross...
    Try photographing them underwater, the pictures won't be as crisp, but it does make them color accurate!

  6. thanks for the winners tip
    will run over there this weekend and see if i get as lucky as you! great colour :D

  7. I haven't gone hunting for this collection yet. I wanted to get this and not the other one cause the other one has scents.

  8. I've been having trouble with neons too. :(

  9. Love this blue!! Suits your nails.

  10. I love this color! The shade is pretty on its own, but eh glitter kicks it up a notch :)


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