29 July 2011

Comparison: NYX Carnival vs Essence Circus Confetti (PIC HEAVY)

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Friday! I'm feeling kinda gross today but I wanted to thank you all for sending your good vibes by email, comment and on twitter - it helped a lot!  I hope to be on to the next phase soon!

Today I have a comparison that was requested by Allison in an email. I'm unsure of whether she has a blog, as I couldn't find one with the email address she used, but if you're reading, Allison, this is for you! She asked if I would compare Essence Circus Confetti and NYX Carnival. I think she's in Europe so this might be helpful to all of you European girls wondering if it's worth pulling the trigger on ordering the NYX or not!

I got NYX Carnival in my BeautyJoint order and Circus Confetti came from my swap with the lovely Deborah! I decided to compare them on the nail and on a nail wheel. I used a sheer French manicure polish on my pointer and middle fingers (sorry for the staining but it takes a million coats to reach opacity!), and a nice white base (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out) on my ring and pinky fingers. And I used a white nail wheel instead of a clear one, so hopefully you can see the differences!

First, one coat of each:

And two coats:

OKAY PICTURE SPAM OVER. I don't do comparison posts that often, so I apologize. Anyway, the main difference between Circus Confetti and Carnival is that Circus Confetti has gold micro glitter. Both have hex glitter, but Carnival has smaller, multi-coloured hex glitter and is much more dense. I think the Essence would require four or five coats for opacity but I think the NYX could potentially be opaque in three, depending on your application.

So, all in all: I love both. If I HAD to pick, I'd say that I actually like Circus Confetti more, I like the micro glitter. As to which is more similar to the actual Happy Birthday, I would say Carnival - it's just missing the square glitter. And from what I can tell from pictures, Carnival and Ulta Pinata-yada-yada are veryyyy similar. Same smaller hex glitter and everything.

OKAY. So that's it! What do you guys think? Which do you prefer? Do you have any of the many Happy Birthday dupes? I really want Milani Gems too haha... just to tide me over. I'm sure I'll get the original some day!

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I like them both. I see the difference. The most obvious is just like what you stated, the smaller sized glitter. ♥

  2. Great comparison thanks I really want both now lol

  3. I have Gems And Carnival. I like Carnival the best but wouldn't throw away Gems.

    Thanks of the comparison swatches. Yes, to more!!!


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