26 August 2011

Check out my guest post on the Swatchaholic! ♥

Hi guys - no post here today, I'm still not feeling too great and I don't have anything prepped except tomorrow's nail crush post. Instead, today's post is on one of my very favourite blogs, the Swatchaholic! Click here or click the picture to go look... here's a sneak peek!

This might have been my reaction when Jeanette asked me... I love her blog!


  1. OMG LOL at your 'reaction'!!! So funny! XD I can't wait to check it out! *going there now!* <3

  2. You are sooo cute! I love that blog too.

  3. Feel better soon. Sending you chicken soup!

  4. LOL I think that would be my reaction too.. hope you feel better sweetie. :)

  5. Lol@that dude =D Gorgeous layering, well done on that one! And aww, I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

  6. Aww love! <3333 I hope you are feeling better and thank you so much again for your fabulous guest post! Mwah! :)


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