20 August 2011

Comparison: OPI Mad as a Hatter vs Etude House Extreme Jewel

Hello lacquered lovelies! Today I have a comparison post for you! I've re-done these swatches three times now so I hope this one helps. I felt like the differences weren't obvious enough when I swatched them on their own so I decided to use a silver base this time, Nicole by OPI Positive Energy.

I know Mad as a Hatter is a HTF that a lot of people are lemming. I also know that evilbay scammers all know how crazy we go for this polish, so there are a LOT of fakes floating around now, I've heard. I've also heard that people get lucky finding it at dusties - I was lucky and found two bottles of Absolutely Alice at a hole in the wall drugstore, so you never know!

Etude House Extreme Jewel (that's what it's translated as on ebay, I hope that's accurate) looks fairly similar to Mad as a Hatter in the bottle. MAAH is all the same size glitter, though, and EJ is different sizes - fine silver, purple and a kind of blue-green glitter, with larger holographic circular glitter mixed in. It doesn't have as many colours as MAAH - I can see three, but MAAH definitely has more than that!

Okay. So as I said, I swatched these over silver. I also put them on a nail wheel because I know it's sometimes easier with glitters. One coat:

And two coats:

So. Obviously they aren't dupes, but they might be similar enough to kill a MAAH lemming... at least for a little bit! I don't want to say to buy MAAH, especially when the prices on evilbay are so ridiculous and there's all this risk of them being fake now... but I hope the polish gods smile upon you and that you'll find it when and where you least expect it!

Also, photographing glitters like this can be so interesting - see the second nail picture? I didn't touch my ISO settings or anything for it. That's just my camera being freaked out by the glitter.

I hope this was helpful - I know I don't do comparison posts often and I find them quite a bit trickier with glitters!

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. omg, this is aweeesome! i'm so getting extreme jewel!

  2. Ya know... I never wanted MAAH until I kept seeing it pop up everywhere on blogs.

  3. I really like the addition of holo glitter in Jewel! Hope my bottle of MAAH never runs out :)

  4. Yeah.. I REALLY really want MAAH so afraid to order one now =( Extreme jewel does look like a nice sub though!

  5. Extreme Jewel looks like a great alternative! Thanks for the comparison!

  6. I own MAAH and everytime a friend sees my polish collection they gush over it, we need OPI to re-release it, you'd think they'd WANT to with how huge sales would be!

  7. That's amazing comparison! I think I need it! Well at least I can use it for base and layer MAAH over. :D So I spare some coats of MAAH, it's too precious to run out of it. :(

  8. Hmm I better look for Extreme Jewel. I think I have better chances of finding that one than MAAH!


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