29 August 2011

Essence Out of My Mind

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Monday! Quick post today, I'm still in my work week. This week is going to be insane. My summer roommate is leaving and my lesbian is returning home at last. I have SO much to do! Isn't it weird that there can be so much to do when I'm not even the one moving? Has that ever happened to you?

Today I have a pretty Essence polish. This is Out of My Mind, which is apparently being discontinued, which sucks because it's so pretty. And too difficult for my camera to capture. It has gone on my reswatch list, which grows longer by the day... I wore this a few weeks ago. I have SUCH a backlog of pictures right now and I don't have any pictures of manicures from last week at all. I think it was all the cold medicine I was taking (it doesn't work on me unless it's in fairly large doses lol) but my manicures sucked. Horrible application, horrible clean up. Ugh. So no pictures. Perhaps I will reswatch the ones I actually ended up liking when I have a chance.

Anyway, this was three coats. Bit of a weird formula but only in the look of it as I was applying it. No major issues. I just wish the bottle was bigger or that the cap was a bit longer. I do like the brush though.

And sunlight to show the pretty green shimmer that makes it look more duochrome-y than I could capture...

That's all! Do you own this beauty? Have you worn any pretty duochomes lately? What are you planning to do with the last few days of August?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Oh no.. passed this up at Ulta because I had tooo much junk. Hope I can still find it!!

  2. What a beauty! Hoping your week isn't as chaotic as you are expecting. :)

  3. Essence Out of My Mind is such a beautiful polish, I went and got back-ups because it's being discontinued.

  4. you're lesbian's coming home? HUH? Love the polish though!

  5. Discontinued? Boo! It's so pretty. ♥


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