31 August 2011

Nail care: Cuticle remover!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I actually meant for this post to go up yesterday but I clearly actually only had a dream that I scheduled it... what is my life coming to? I dream about getting polishes that I'm lemming, scheduling blog posts and selling arch supports. WHAT IS THIS.

Anyway, today I have a post I promised last week - let's talk about cuticle removers! Or one in particular. The first one I used (that I'm still using now, obviously) is Essie Disappearing Trick. First, I thought the name of it was cute. Second, I couldn't find the Sally Hansen one and I figured, I generally like Essie treatments I try, so why not? It looks like this in the tube.

Here's everything you'll need:

So. I start out with this. Gross dry cuticles after a day of neglect. *Shameful face* I put them in black and white so you can't see my staining but I think it makes my dry hands even more obvious... facepalm. UGH they're still disgusting even in black and white. But see that ick? On my index and ring finger especially.

I'd never used one before this, but thankfully, it's really easy to use. There's this little tip on the end. All you have to do is squeeze a bit and the gel will come out. Then you blob it onto your cuticle...

And rub it in, then let it sit for fifteen seconds. I generally start with my thumb nail and by the time I hit my pinky, I can go back and start with my thumb. After you've let it sit for a bit, you can use an orange stick or a clean cuticle pusher (mine has a rubber tip that's nice and easy to clean) to push them back. The thicker parts will be removed, so you just clean up around that.

Then I usually finish off with a hand scrub and some moisturizer! It seems like a lot of work to do before every manicure but I find it really makes a difference, both in real life and in my pictures, of course! For example, if I wasn't careful, my cuticles would look like this:

*Vomits* I'm sorry to enlarge them in all their gory detail but this is real life, folks. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll cradle your eyeballs to sleep.

Here, does this make it better? (You can click to check that post out, I'll spare your eyeballs and not link to the other one!)

So, I hope this helps - I know I've gotten a lot of questions about cuticle removers since I started obsessing about them on twitter! I hope to do a smackdown for them but I'll need a few months to have a chance to test them out. I'm excited to do it though, this stuff is addictive!

How about you? Do you use cuticle removers? What do you use to take care of your cuticles?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Hah, that first manicure photo could be me, cuticle-wise. Thank heavens for Photoshop. xD I'm no good at looking after my cuticles, but when I do, I like to thoroughly brush them with oil. And by thoroughly, I mean like 5 minutes per hand. I use cuticle removers (Nfu Oh) every once in a while, but I find that it does to much damage in the long run, causes my cuticles to dry out too much and just grow back even worse. But it's great for those nasty toes. ;)

  2. Yay! Been looking forward to this post!!! I need to buy this stuff!

  3. I have really bad cuticles. They are always dry on the side and grow like weeds at the base of my nail. I just recently stopped cutting my cuticles (yaaay me) and started using Revlon cuticle remover (bottle and brush look like polish... But smell Divine-ly of mint! ). This seems to work REALLY well :)
    Thanks for this review :)))

  4. I'm new to your blog and the nail polish world.. and never ever thought of taking care of my cuticles... *runs to the store*

  5. Yay for this post! Right now I'm using Caronia, a local nail care brand, and it really works! I love it when the gunk just comes right off w/o too much pushing. And then I finish off with a cuticle balm. I love the feel of my hands after. ;) I just ran out if Caronia, so I'm moving on to Sally Hansen gel.

  6. Thanks for that post! I have the same problem as Marta (dry on the sides and fast growing at the base). So far I've tried different things from warm water over oil-hand-scrub to different cuticle removers and I still use a combination of all those methods. AHA-based removers I only use once or twice a month (I'm currently using P2 Express Cuticle Remover). But I always remove or push back my cuticles when I change my mani -which is 3x a week.

  7. I hope you have your bed ready for when you "cradle my eyeballs to sleep" ;) I'm glad you included that picture though because at first the black and white pic... I was like, I see no problems. But now I see where they could be and I see the point, so thank you for my enlightenment. :)

  8. This is a great post, I use Nails Inc Striptease cuticle remover and like that a lot x


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