23 August 2011

Nail care: what I use - moisturizers

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is starting off well!

Today I have a post that I can't even believe I haven't done before. I get questions on what I use nail care-wise quite a bit and I always thought that I had posted on what I use. I went back to look and find the link and lo and behold, my memory has made a liar out of me. I can't believe I haven't done this before!

I want to talk about moisturizers today. I'm obsessed with keeping my hands and cuticles (cuticles ESPECIALLY) moisturized. I always have lotions and creams and such with me at all times. So let's talk hand lotions first. I tend to prefer hand creams that smell nice LOL, I'm a lacquerhead first but I'm a "oooh this smells delicious" fangirl second. Hence my bags and drawers of bath products! My favourite hand creams that I can use during the day (I prefer things that absorb quickly for use during the day, of course!) are by Cake Beauty. I usually only find this brand at Sephora, though Winners has some stuff sometimes as well. Their products are 100% paraben free and are made almost entirely with natural ingredients. And they smell AMAZING. AND Cake Beauty is a Canadian brand. Yay! Here are two of my favourites.

Vanilla Snow smells freaking amazing. It's like unicorns running through a field of rainbows. It's that good. In reality though, I guess it smells like cake? It's only available at Christmas, which is soul-crushing to me, because it's amazing. My favourite by far. I got a few bottles at Christmas and this is my last one! I tried out the Strawberry Shortcake one (partially because it's limited edition and look at that freaking packaging, it's so cute), and it smells good. I find it a bit too sweet for me, but I know a lot of people love it!

I love the Body Shop body butters. The satsuma one is my favourite because the rest of the fruity ones kind of smell like alcohol to me and I'm not that keen. I don't tend to use this during the day unless I'm not going anywhere, it is a bit oily!

When I'm at work I try not to use scented products, because I know they bother some people. Can't go wrong with Aveeno, most of their stuff is fragrance-free and works really nicely.

This is my holy grail product and I'm almost out of it and I am DEVASTATED. I believe BeautiControl is a pro-only brand. My awesome hair stylist cousin sent this to me and it's seriously amazing. I only use this at night because it's REALLY thick but no complaints about that here! I usually use it two or three nights a week. I also wear cotton gloves when I use this to help it absorb better!

For cuticle moisturizers, I have three obsessions.

European Secrets Hoofer's Choice. You can get this at Sally's. I usually only use this when my nails are bare, you just rub it all over your nail and cuticle. It's supposed to help strengthen your nails but I haven't really noticed that, I just like that it moisturizes my cuticles. It smells icky, though, which is a definite downside for me.

I know my love Jen swears up and down by Lush Lemony Flutter but I can't stand the smell of Lemony Flutter. I know that it works well but I feel that a lot of Lush products have this weird quality where they never smell exactly like they say they should? There's a kind of undertone from a lot of them that kind of reminds me of the smell of Hoofer's Choice. I love this much more. It actually smells like lemons, which is magical. Just as simple to use (it's a bit greasy but I just wipe my fingertips off after I apply it), it absorbs pretty quickly and it lasts FOREVER. I'm not even halfway through my tin and I've had it since October. And this is with me moisturizing my cuticles multiple times a day. I do it all the time. When I'm sitting waiting for my classes to start, when I'm stuck on the bus, when I'm on the phone... whenever.

Again, my holy grail cuticle product. Nubar cuticle oils are amazing. I use them every single night and this is what I put on my cuticles before I remove my polish. It makes a huge difference, especially when I have to foil my nails (like I do after I'm done writing this lol!). They come in lots of scents, which I like. This one is vanilla and it's my personal favourite. There are citrus scents too, and a sweet almond one that's also nice. I'm not sure about anywhere else but I think most Canadians will be able to find these at their local Winners!

I'm sorry for the amount of writing, I know a lot of people will probably skip over it lol. I asked which post you guys would like to see first in the nail care series (it was between moisturizers and my latest obsession, cuticle remover) and most people said moisturizers! The cuticle remover will be next week though. :)

I'm not an expert in nail care by any stretch of the imagination, these are just the products that I find work well for me. I think the most important thing to remember if you want your nails to look good is to keep them moisturized, especially your cuticles! The difference it's actually made in my nails is insane. If you don't believe me, look back at my old posts (if you're feeling brave, and by god, if you are, you are a better man than I). I never would have imagined I could get my nails to where they're at now. They're far from perfect but they're so much better than they used to be. They cooperate with me shape-wise (except my stupid middle fingernail lol) and I rarely have breaks or peeling.

I guess the most important thing to remember is that you can't expect your nails to look nice without putting the work in! If you guys have any more questions about what I use for moisturizers feel free to ask,  you know you can reach me pretty much anywhere. I don't have much of a life outside of work!

OKAY no more writing. I hope this helps! What are your favourite moisturizers? What's your favourite heavier hand cream? I'm dying to find a replacement for my BeautiControl one! What's your favourite cuticle moisturizer? Are you a Lemony Flutter fan?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I use bio-oil as a cuticle oil (and everything oil) and find it works AMAZING..and will last forever.

    My new hand cream obsession though is Vaseline Intensive Rescue Extra Strength. It's my go-to day moisturizer!

  2. That's a LOT of products O_O" wow.. I don't even use that much AT ALL.

  3. We share a few favorites :) Using Nubar oil in Passion Fruit right now, it smells awesome. Will have to keep an eye out for Cake Xmas stuff now :) And I am looking for a scent free hand cream for work too

  4. Excellent post! I have to say I've never heard of Cake, and now I wish my Sephora carried it!

    And I would have never thought to put on cuticle oil BEFORE polish removal! Will have to try!

  5. I am in LOVE with the Nubar oil you sent me! It works like a charm and it isn't sticky or something like that.

  6. I will try burt's bees. I don't know where I can find Nubar in US.

  7. Omg so now you have me like addicted to the cake beauty website lol I am so going to put an order in ....

  8. Man that's a lot of product. I'm so lazy haha.

    For my cuticles I use Lemony Flutter and CND Solar Oil, love that stuff.

    For my hands I just use a generic hand cream, I need to get some Cake lotion by the sound of it!

  9. Thank you for such a fantastic post. I went back to look at the early posts. You've come such a long way, your nails look amazing now.

  10. I love my Burt's Bees cuticle cream. I am also drawn to hand creams by their scent, and some of the best I've ever smelled are from Pacifica. Sephora carries them. They are cruelty free, absorb very quickly, and the Tahitian Gardenia is some of the best smelling stuff ever. They also have a delicious coconut and a jasmine. Seriously, give them a whiff the next time you're in.

  11. unicorns running through a field of rainbows!? MUST ACQUIRE! :P


  12. https://shop.beauticontrol.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?storeId=10551&catalogId=10551&langId=-1&categoryId=32697&parent_category_rn=38619

    You can buy Beauticontrol online or you can find a consultant locally to you to buy it from.

    I LOVE this hand cream as well!

  13. Thanks for posting this! I was just trying to figure out what to use, I have the lemony flutter but I don't like it, it's too greasy and strong smelling. I'm going to go to winners and look for that nubar oil and the cake cream!


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