27 August 2011

Nail crush #4: Amy Grace of the Polished Perfectionist

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Saturday! Any plans for this weekend?

Today's nail crush certainly needs no explanations. As the header for her blog says, I'll let the pictures do the talking... or most of it, anyway. Amy Grace has the most beautiful nails ever. Seriously.

One of her most recent posts was this adorable manicure... I must try something like this some day!

And you can check it out here!

She has the most flawless lines ever. I don't know if it's her clean up or her application or both but ahhh. I love her nail art, this is another recent favourite!

Click me!

There are some polishes I never tire of seeing on blogs. I don't care how many times I've worn it or how many times I've seen it, it's still just as awesome as the first time I fell in love with it. Enter Zoya Veruschka.

You can drool (and see it in its original matte form) here!

I wish I could sponge my tips like Amy Grace can. I almost always attempt it after I look at this picture and drool. Mine never look this good, so I just go back and drool over this again!

Gorgeousness here!

And of course her first franken was flawless... I must obtain a bottle somehow! ;)

Just click me.

And finally... Amy Grace's blog is obviously a dangerous place for creating lemmings. But it can also make you HUNGRY! She makes amazing cakes and often shows nail art to go along with them. She even has a cake tag but be warned... it will make you hungry! This one blew my mind when I first saw it!

 I want to eat this so badly. It's so freaking cute!

And you can see this adorable manicure here!

You can join me in stalking Amy Grace's blog by going here, if you aren't already. And seriously, you're missing out if you aren't. Her blog makes me drool and die a little with envy. Since my nails will never look that great, I spend a lot of time stalking through her posts! You can also talk with her on twitter, and she is so sweet and kind-hearted. :)

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. How did I not have this lovely girl on my follow list?!
    I've spent the last 45 minutes on her blog....and I AM drooling. :-)

  2. I am an Amy Grace fangirl, as well. Her nails are gorgeous, her photographs impeccable and her blog is a delight. :)

  3. Ahwww, this is pure sweetness!! *blushes like crazy* Thanks for all the love, darling! And are you kidding me? Your nails look fantastic. ♥

  4. I LOVE her! Her nails are so perfect and she is Dutch, so that's awesome :P. One of the kindest bloggers around!

  5. So cute!! I just checked out her blog and loooved it:) And the piggy cake is so adorable :) Thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. You know what, I just discovered and read her ENTIRE BLOG last night. I'm now a huge fangirl. I'm glad you showed one of those amazing cakes! What a lovely nail crush post. ♥


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