14 September 2011

Nubar Peacock Feathers and assorted thoughts

Hello lacquered lovelies! *Coughs* Happy Wednesday... I know it hasn't really been that long but it feels like it's been a while since I last posted. This has actually been my longest break from posting, my last post was what, Friday? I've been meaning to post but I've felt so uninspired and emo... I'll explain why but I'll just get to the part you're all here for, the polish! I'll explain the emo stuff at the end but of course, feel free to skip over it. I just need to get it out but it's certainly not something I expect you all to sit and read.

So last week in the mail I got a package from my beautiful love Diana. All the way from Australia! Thank you so much! I loveeeeeeee you and your gorgeous self and MM looks awesome on you so YOU CANNOT DISCARD IT BECAUSE IT'S SEXY. Along with some cute frankens and some BYS polishes (my firsts!), this polish was included. I've been lemming it FOREVER and I think Diana was insane to give it away... but I'm happy that she gave it to me! She also sent me yummy Aussie chocolates and that weird vegemite stuff, which I've been too afraid to try out because the only thing it says on the tube is that it's a yeast product. Uhhh wtf does that even mean. So yeah.

Nubar Peacock Feathers. You are so beautiful. I got lots of compliments on this one. I also confused a poor guy in one of my classes. He kept staring at my nails (I think because I was LOL) and then he finally just asked WHAT COLOUR IS IT THOUGH. Poor boys. They can't handle the multichromes. This was two coats, no topcoat.

I was pretty rough on my hands yesterday (when I took these pictures). After class I went out and was gone for hours, being rough on my nails like an idiot... so you can see, I didn't use topcoat and I should have. I apologize. But how sexy is this polish? It flashes blue, green and purple... so perfectly named. Also, if you can even remember my last post, you may notice that I filed my nails down. I have a mani to show you from my absence and after looking back on the pictures I HATED the length and decided to file them down.

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

If you want to read why I vanished, I'm trying out an "after the jump" thing... hopefully it works. Again, no pressure to read it, I just need to get it off of my chest.

Alright. So. I know we've all heard about it  by now. The Nails editorial. If you haven't heard about it, Mary of Body and Soul does an excellent summary of it (and includes the original editorial) here. I have a lot of feelings about this editorial. For one, as a blogger, it's absolutely SO uncalled for and offensive. I honestly feel like it came out of nowhere and part of the reaction of our community was precisely because we didn't do anything to deserve such an attack.

You guys know this because of how I write on here, but just in case, let me make it clear: I am not a professional in any way, shape or form. I'm just a twenty something student who gets far too obsessive about hobbies and then tries to do something with them (in this case, blogging) to justify it. I always try to behave professionally when I deal with PR etc but let's be honest. I'm 21, I've never had a big person job, I'm in school to put off that "growing up" process for as long as possible. I find doing pretty manicures relaxing. Swatching is stressful and relaxing at the same time - when I show NOTDs, like today, I take the pictures "as is". But most days when I swatch? I'm redoing those swatches for the second or third time. I may not be a professional but I put a LOT of time and effort into my blog because it's my hobby. I don't do it for samples - I'd be waiting a long time for that. I'm not the most professional blogger that a PR company could choose to work with, far from it, and I'm international. So there's that.

And for some editor who really DOESN'T seem to know her audience (tell me, Hannah Lee, do you really think that ONLY nail techs read your magazine? You can't possibly be that foolish) to say that I'm just a junkie looking for a handout is beyond offensive to me.

I've never had a manicure. I never want to have one. I'm perfectly content with what I can achieve at home. But you know what? I think I offer a service to the average consumer that a nail tech can't. Multiple services, actually. Firstly, I'm exactly that - a consumer. I'm using products the same way you'll use products, I'm probably having similar experiences to what you'll be having and it's something that we can talk about. Like when Island Escape came out and we were all obsessed with the purple flash in the bottle of Blue Iguana that didn't show up on the nail? And then we found out layering it over black helps it come out? Could a nail tech have told me that? Would they have even known what I was talking about if I said Island Escape or Blue Iguana?

Honestly, in my experience, the answer is no. There are a lot of things a nail tech knows about that I absolutely don't. I know nothing about acrylics or gel nails or Shellac or anything else like that. I'm vaguely intrigued by it but not enough to learn a shit ton about it to pass on to you guys. Sorry. But in my experience, this is where my knowledge is different from theirs. I know a lot about NATURAL nails, which most of us are rocking, aren't we? I actually asked a nail tech in a salon I wandered into why my thumb nail had split horizontally virtually in the middle of my right thumbnail and her reply was that I must have caught it on something. Uhh no. Do you not see how far down that is? I asked her how to help prevent the breakages. She recommended trying out acrylics. NO.

And that's not even counting the times I've wandered into places where "professionals" abound and haven't had a single one of them even know what I was talking about when I asked about a new collection. So, I think as bloggers we provide a valuable service but ultimately, Hannah Lee.... what I do and what you do are two different things. You publish poorly planned, poorly written, offensive editorials and then "apologize" in backhanded ways. You say you're protecting professionals when you're encouraging them to steal OUR pictures to show to clients. I work my ass off to blog about things that most nail techs seem to think are below them. Clearly she feels threatened by us but there's no need to. We're not trying to replace them and hopefully most nail techs aren't trying to replace us. There's room for all of us.

All of this being said...

I have to say that one point in her "editorial" has really stuck with me. The junkies looking for handouts thing. NOW. I know what I'm about to say might cause drama but this is part of what got me so down over the last few days (along with the editorial itself). I was just having one of those "why do I even bother?" moods over the last few days. I hated it... Hannah Lee writing that sucked because you know what? To her, it must seem true. She clearly doesn't know much about our world, but I can definitely see, based on the way that some blogs are run, that she would think all of us are in it for samples.

Blogging has changed a lot even since I started writing GG. I still consider myself a newbie but I feel so separate from some other new bloggers. I feel separate in that I don't really care about follower numbers - is that weird? To me, it's just a number, you know? I care more about comments and emails and tweets and messages on Facebook from readers. That's why I blog, to share my obsession with like-minded people. But when I do look, I feel pretty proud. They are just numbers but you know what? I think I've worked hard for them. Maybe the same can't be said of everyone. With the mentality toward the way we blog changing, it must seem to Hannah Lee that you don't actually have to be that good to get handouts. Based on some blogs she could find, it must seem like we just throw a giveaway and suddenly gain PR attention that way, instead of through hard work. Or maybe we steal someone else's pictures and people pay attention for that. I don't really know. I try to ignore that sort of thing. I know who works hard and those are the blogs I love to read.

Is it up to me to tell people how to run their blogs? Absolutely not. This is my blog and my thoughts. I've been thinking about this a lot since Friday and this is my reaction to it. I should clarify that I certainly don't think even most new blogs are like that. Not at all. I've met some fantastic new bloggers and I love what they do. But maybe to someone who isn't involved in our "world", it's easy to think that we're all the same. Running blogs with giveaways just to get followers to get PR attention, etc. I don't know. I don't really have much to do with PR, honestly. I post the releases when I get them and then sit there fangirling about what I'm excited about. That's basically the extent of my involvement.

But how would Hannah Lee know that? She doesn't know us. She doesn't even know a good percentage of bloggers. These are things we don't even discuss, so I'm interested to see how people react to what I've written... I'm not speaking of anyone in particular, it's just been five days with all this stuck in my brain. I'm not doing this to attack anyone but you know, sometimes it might be good for us to be more open instead of talking smack behind each other's backs. This is more just the devil's advocate in me wondering if maybe a little part of her could seem justified through ignorance?

What do you think?


  1. total lemming for me.... waaa! loves the peacock. excellent reply to the nail mag/Hannah editorial. what a crock that was. I'm not a blogger, just a nail polish junkie, even I was offended by that. especially when she suggested stealing pics. tsk tsk, shame on her.

  2. Girl, I know how you feel. She wanted to tell pros to step up but then bashed bloggers by grouping them all as junkies who wants free crap, which is not the case at all for a lot of us. If there is a sample for us to review, we try our best to review it. Samples come and go. I get some and I also purchase lots on my own. What she wrote was just hurtful and gives us ALL a bad rep.

    There are some out there just for the plain samples, but you can always tell by just reading a few of their posts. She just assumed. If I wanted just freebies then I wouldn't have turned down several offers cause they're either not going with the theme of my blog or if I chose to no longer support them for one reason or another.

  3. Very nicely said! I agree with every point you make. Don't worry about what others will say or think...those are your thoughts, your perspective, your reality. You will find that the majority of people will support you, I'm sure. Maybe those were Hannah Lee's true thoughts as well, that's why it's important to let your opinions be known, just as she has. Easier said than done, but don't let it get you down, and don't let others get you down in the blogging world. Blogging should be fun and informative for the reader and the writer. What I agree with you most abou,t is your statement that you're putting off growing up for as long as you can...there is nothing wrong with that at all! You'll never grow old and bitter with that attitude :) Now go eat your Vegemite!

  4. I think you perfectly written down why most of us bloggers were annoyed by this article. And how it may have come to the point Hanna might have thought we are all those follower fixated, freebie grabbing, not caring about true loyal followers kinda bloggers.

    It is always hard to separt "good" from "bad" (and I don't mean that so harsh as the words may sound) and most of the time the bad ruin it for the good. All we can do is make sure we keep having fun in what we do and as long as I feel good about it (which means I am not whoring my blog but putting time and effort into it) I know I can sleep good at night.

    I hope this all made sense :P.

  5. I totally agree with you! I'm a new blogger(since may) and do it because I love it. But had no idea when I started just how much work goes into it! I actually wrote a comment on the nails mag forum telling Hannah how i felt and feel she needs to be replaced. The fact that she has her own blogs really takes the cake! Maybe she should have used her blog to dis all of us instead of a national publication. What kind of editor thinks it's even ok to write that? I love your blog and am gonna keep doing mine!

  6. Love Peacock feathers!! Your thoughts on the Hannah Lee nonsense are spot on. So well written and really conveys what a lot of people are thinking & feeling. I, like you, are just a polish lover and never feel I get much service/knowledge from a nail tech. Long live the natural nail! Thanks for such a great blog.

  7. I haven't put in my 0.02 on this matter but the way I feel about the Nail Tech vs. Blogger thing is this - it would be like a Restaurant Chef vs. a Food Blogger. Yeah the Food Blogger didn't go to culinary school but they know what tastes good and they have some skill in the kitchen (along with taking great pictures of their creations. They might know what 'sous vide' is but they don't have the equipment to do it. Does that mean that their readers will stop going to restaurants because they now have their recipes? No. Maybe the reader will be more inspired to try a few things at home, but sometimes nothing compares to having a night out at a nice restaurant.

  8. I'd like to chalk up her comments to sheer ignorance, but I think she's plenty aware of the blogging world. A very elitist attitude.

  9. I think you are doing this for the right reasons and I think your thoughts on that article are exactly right. And I respect you :-)

    I never comment much on thing but I felt like I should say something

  10. I love what you've written about the subject. These are exactly my thought about it. And I did feel offended when I read about it. Like it's personal, you know? Especially since being in this world I know how much work goes into blogging, not just from my experience but from people I got to know via nail blogging. And I feel like she offended quite a few people that are dear to me. That pisses me off. So I know exactly how you feel. And about ignorance - yes, I think she wrote everything she did out of ignorance, because she doesn't know the nail polish blogsphere. But that's the main reason why she shouldn't have written the article in the first place.

    PS: Love the polish!!!

  11. Peacock Feathers is gorgeous on you! I also enjoyed your response to the editorial, and I think you're absolutely right.

  12. This is amazing (the polish AND you!) I love your blog and how open you are. Don't let what anyone says get to you. I personally do not have a blog but I do worship so many of you and all the things you do. I have thought about doing my own blog but I think about all the time I would have to put into and I get tired just thinking about it. It makes me respect the ones who do it so much more. Thank you for having such a great blog..and as long as you are writing I am reading :)

  13. Peacock Feathers is gorgeous on you! It's definitely at the top of my lemming list, as well as the other 893483943.5 duo-chromes that Nubar has released. ;)

    And onto Hannah Lee... That article had me SO angry when I first read it. You can obviously tell that she has no idea what the majority of us bloggers are like from her idiotic generalizations. But like you said, from an outsider looking at certain blogs one might get the wrong idea about us all being give-away/PR obsessed. *grumbles*

    I blog because I'm passionate about it and I wanted an outlet to share my love of polish with like-minded people (and to stop annoying my boyfriend who is not as interested in swatching as he assures me...). If I am able to share press releases that's great. If I'm able to review products sent to me, that's wonderful too and I will provide my unbiased opinion. But 98% of the polishes I blog about are bought with my own money and I blog for my enjoyment. Not for numbers, not for freebies, and not to be BFFs with PR companies.

    This is long-winded. Basically Hannah can get bent. <3

  14. Peacock Feathers looks absolutely gorgeous on you love! :)

    Thank you so much for your writing down your thoughts. I feel exactly the same and I am still very offended by Hannah's piece(s) though I also see where the bad image of us bloggers is coming from. What caused that a lot of people outside of the blogging world think that bloggers just want samples and PR attention.
    The think is that with everything what you experience in life you most likely only remember or see the bad things.
    So when a few bloggers buy followers with for example giveaways to get a high follower count and PR attention or bloggers with only a handful of posts already ask for samples or even demand them - those very few bloggers can harm the image of all bloggers in general.
    I truly believe that the majority of nail polish bloggers blog because they want to share their love for nail polishes but those very few rotten apples take the fun out of blogging with causing damage maybe beyond repair.

  15. Gorgeous polish!!

    I agree with what you said in regards to Hannah and Nails magazine. I was infuriated when I read her article. I can see why she thinks that, there are always a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone :(

    Hopefully after we all went nuts on her she has come to realize that not everyone is like that, 99% of us just blog because we like nail polish. Any PR stuff or samples is just an added bonus. Hell, I didn't even know that samples existed when I started blogging!

    Anyway, you know I ♥ you! I'm glad you shared your opinion with everyone!

  16. Very pretty polish and also very well said and worded response to 'the article'

    I know I got into blogging to share my love for polish and the blogs I read you can tell they are the same, if someone is only in it for the free stuff, you can tell by the way they write etc, thats how I feel anyways.
    So again, well done you, give yourself a pat on the back.
    <3 and (hugs) xx

  17. Hi there! I am new to your blog and so far I adore it! I will not lie, I did almost skip over the last bit when I saw the awesome nail polish! but then I started reading about this horrid editorial that was oviously written by a small minded individual. I have had simialr experiences...I LOVE MAKEUP! But by no means do i proclaim to be a makeup artist..liscensed or otherwise..on my youtube channel. It just ticks me off to think people can be so cruel. I am simply showing you what I have discovered and what I do that pleases ME. not to get freebies!! that is so lame. and if memory serves me correctly..companies are the ones that CONTACT US to review their products and get THEM more publicity. its not ultimately making ME any money by getting on camera and telling people what i think of certain products. SMH awesome post girl!! Just keep doing what you are doing bcuz we can relate to you. you are REAL. you are just like us. if i met you on the street..i know you would TALK to me. and not stick up your nose thinking youre better than me because youre a "professional". and for that ily!

  18. i love this polish on you :)

    my dear, i tip my (metaphorical) hat to you because you have hit the nail on the head. when i started blogging years ago i never in the world even knew what i was doing was a "thing". i thought hmph this is interesting and fun and i like it. discovering the polish blog-o-sphere was a total surprise and source of added enjoyment for me! i have to admit, when i learned that there was such a thing as samples, i thought 'holy hell that's how they do it!' (meaning big awesome top tier beauty blogs who post a million times a day and who are way more dope than i'll ever be) samples give the BRAND more attention (be it good or bad) and give us more to write about and share and educate. i NEVER EVER buy anything these days without reading a review or seeing a swatch first. why? because I DON'T HAVE TO. that is the service that is given to us by this crazy world called THE INTERNET. i think the commenter above who compared 'us & nail professionals' to 'chefs & food reviewers' is absolutely spot on. any professional who is threatened by a blogger needs a serious reality check and to put on their grownup pants.

    i personally am excited i get a new reader, a new comment, a high unique viewer number, etc. because YAY PEOPLE CARE ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!! that's damn cool and empowering for hells sake! anyone will say they like being heard, and i'm no different. samples? yes i get them occasionally and i appreciate every single one! but if anyone for one second thinks that i would quit if i stopped getting samples or pr release information, etc. they'd be fricken insane. i did it before those things happened and damn it all, i'd do it if they stopped. the amount in samples i have will never compare to how much i spend on product haha.

    the blogs and people that write about products for self-validation and free stuff? well i say more power to ya, but gd it be HONEST about it. don't masquerade yourself to be something you're not. if another 100 blog followers or another brand sending you a sample you makes you just pee your pants then, yeah go for it! just don't pretend that you don't care, ya know? that is what pisses me off most.

    it is a shame that from the outside we're all lumped into one big group and maybe the freebie-hungry folks muck up our image, but damn well if that wouldn't happen to any other special interest group ya know? people like Hannah Lee who would write such jealousy driven trash without being educated on the subject can really just suck it.

    i've had an emo few weeks and thank god i have my friends from blogging to talk to about it and help me see the truth out there. i love you K-doodle and i love your words.

    sorry for the fricken novel.

  19. I have a hard time taking the editorial seriously, mostly just because it was unthoughtful and poorly written. Unlike, say, personal polish blogs! Hello!

    I agree with all your points, particularly that I didn't start blogs for "free handouts" but rather to justify my own over spending by turning it into a writing project and hopefully connecting with other "junkies." LOL.

    There is also one other distinct difference between bloggers and salon professionals (although, please note I am NOT bashing pros) - we're not trying to sell anything. Even when I go to good salons w/ a knowledgeable staff, they will only have information on brands they carry. Bloggers are impartial connoisseurs of whatever polish they can get their hands on, whether purchased themselves or given to them by companies appreciate their audience better than Nails Magazine.

  20. Gorgeous polish - duochromes are the best!

    As for that editorial, just remember - 'amateur' means a person who does something because they love it, and there's lots of us manicure amateurs out here! ^_^

  21. You know, I'm a new blogger myself and when I read that article when it came out, I was soo offended, not for me, but mostly I was offended for bloggers like yourself, who have been around and who obviously work hard. I'm glad you're posting again and it's people like you and blogs like yours that inspire me to make mine better, not to mention, if it wasn't for the nail/beauty blogging community I wouldn't know any of the things I know now, so thank you, and even if some lame "professionals" don't appreciate what you do, I do, and I'm sure tons of other people do too.

  22. Hannah Lee sounds jealous. Haters gonna hate.


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