11 October 2011

Billie Cosmetics Jovile

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday? I swear, I am the crappiest blogger lately. It's part exhaustion and part "I freaking hate my nails right now". I keep digging into vault photos to write posts and I feel like I'm lying or something LOL. My nails are in rough shape lately. :( I love them square but it makes a break really crappy, especially when it's a partial break - I suffered (I love saying "suffered" when talking about a broken nail) a chipped off corner on my left index finger. I rarely break nails but a week and a half ago seemed to be the time for it, because I broke my right thumbnail almost halfway down. Worst break of my lifeeeeeee. That would have been the perfect time to start a nail growth treatment review but I couldn't bear to take pictures of it and imagine subjecting you guys to that kind of break... it was hideous. The break on my index finger really isn't noticeable in real life but it's like OMFG THAT'S SO UGLY in pictures... and I already have issues looking at my pictures without thinking "eww my _____ look so ugly"!

Today I have a pretty polish with a baffling name. Billie Cosmetics Jovile. Does anyone know what the eff jovile means? In my head I keep calling this "jovial" but I checked the label and it's definitely jovile. And then I was like "maybe it's French?" since I'm pretty sure it's a Canadian company but no... so I'm left wondering if they really actually spelled "jovial" wrong. Which makes me die inside.

So. The colour is gorgeous. A purple-tinged wine with that awesome glitter - check out the bottle in the first pic. Sadly, it suffers a bit from weird jelly syndrome. It's not super opaque so it has this way of making your nail look almost split up into three sections - the nail bed, then the bit just before your free edge, then your free edge. So it looks like my nails are, like, dirty underneath or something, but I assure you that they aren't. I looked at the pictures while I was swatching and was very confused, went back and made sure under my nails was clean, and this still happened. I don't think the direct sunlight helped. Like its blue sister Anxiety, this dried matte. I believe I used four coats - I'd definitely layer this one next time. Apologies for the greasy fingers, I was smothering them in cuticle oil between swatches.

Meh. I like Anxiety more. I really don't get the names of these polishes LOL.

What do you lovelies think? I promise to post soon... tomorrow! I'll show you the way that I updated my franken mani when I didn't have time to change it! :)

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Tried to Google Jovial-nothing-so that's just silly. Am not a fan of this color at all. But I'm weird like that. Try using Trind Nail repair-its the freakin bomb!!!!

  2. beautiful nailpolish, so pretty. I looove any cranberry / red with glitter polish.
    In fact, I´m wearing fire fox by revlon, right now (it´s matte, but it owns a subtle shimmer which adds dimension to nails).
    Can´t wait to see you next post!

  3. I just wanted to pop in and say think you for your how to link to a single tweet tutorial. I have tried and tried to figure out how to do that and now, thanks to your how to, I can. So... Thank you! :D

  4. Lol on the name! Sorry can't help ya out with what it means.

    I always get disappointed with glitters like this, it looks so awesome in the bottle, then gets drowned when you put it on the nail!

  5. wow - this looks really good - I passed on this one but seeing it at 4 coats makes me thnk i should have this.

    also; they do have funny names, don't they?

  6. HAHAHA Jovile... The name cracks me up. It's kind of pretty but I think it needs to be more opaque for me to love it!


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