15 November 2011

I have no willpower but omg unicorn pee: Clarins 230 over Revlon Royal

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! How has your week started off? I've been stressed, as what feels like the usual lately... so I decided to use some pretty polishes to cheer myself up!

In case you missed me obsessing about it on twitter (or didn't read the title of this post LOL), I broke down and bought 230. I was terrified that the prices were going to shoot up on it again and I'd regret it and I actually got a very good deal on it, so I'm happy all around. Also it's amazing. I died when I saw it in person. I jumped around in a circle (on the spot, mind) for approximately five minutes ten seconds when I realized what it was.

I've worn 230 twice now, this is the second time. I couldn't get good pictures the first time but that's okay. You'll see 230 again on Glitta Gloves, don't worry. I started out with three coats of the deliciously squishy Revlon Royal (I cannot handle how much I love Royal), then added one coat of 230 and some Revlon quick dry topcoat. Result: hotness. I got the idea for this layering from Jen!

The last picture is shit lighting, I know. It was in my kitchen - I just noticed that at that angle I could see the green (index and part of my middle fingernails), the orange (part of middle and ring finger) and the red (pinky). So cool.

Also 230 is sex in a bottle.

Like how does every nail polish ever not look like this? They could all look exactly the same and I'd still want to own them all.

So yeah. Here's my ode to how sexy 230 is. What do you lovelies think? :) Are there any colours you'd love to see 230 over?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!



  1. Amazing, I love the look of this polish and love what you done with it <3 xx

  2. omg it's so gorgeous! I'm so glad you finally got it!

  3. Beautiful! I looked 230 up on ebay and just about died...


    for having this polish and looking so awesome sexy in it. I wanna have it too *cries*.

  5. I'm SO jealous. Sexy nails, you haz them! ;)


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