10 November 2011

OPI Smitten with Mittens

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Thursday! Yay it's almost Friday!

I'm hoping that everything is okay with this post... I mentioned it in a quick entry, but I bought my domain! :D I wasn't sure how long everything would take to return to normal but it seems to be fine now, from what I've heard from people, so it's worth a shot, right? Although I do ask - if you have me on your blogroll - first, thank you! <3333 And secondly, could you please change my address from the .blogspot.com address to just .com? I would really appreciate it!

Today I just have a quick post - OPI Smitten with Mittens. From my love Jen, I was lemming it like woah (what is WITH me and OPI reds with gold glitter?) and she found two bottles and sent one along to me! Thanks bb! <33333

This was two coats and it was SO shiny. I wanted to have a shade picture but you couldn't see any actual details of the polish (not that the sunlight picture helps much either)... just me and trees and my camera LOL! Also, these are older pictures... probably about a month old now? It was just after I shortened my nails, anyway! I always want to wear red when I file them down!

POW! I wanted to have a post up for yesterday but I ran out of time... I actually stamped and didn't hate the outcome! It was shocking for me too. Perhaps soon! I find myself craving reds a lot lately... it's very strange.

What colour do you find yourself reaching for a lot lately?

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!



  1. Yummy red - why I don't have this one is a mystery to me. Looks good on you with your vampire skintone! And yes my love that's a compliment. Now I'll go and change you on my blogroll <3.

  2. I love this cool toned red. It looks like raspberry jelly. Beautiful!

  3. One of my favorite holiday nail polishes love! :) I adore Smitten with Mittens and it looks so gorgeous on you! <3 :)


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