25 November 2011

Quick update... again....

Hi loves. I know I've been a really shitty blogger lately and I'm sorry. This semester has been kicking my ass and between work and school and awful weather (and my laziness in not building a lightbox yet... I confess), I've found blogging more difficult than I have in the time (nearly a year!) that I've been doing this.

I really appreciate everyone who's stuck by me and I promise it will start picking up around here. I had all these plans to make that happen, in fact, since semester ends next week... and then my camera died on me. Straight up shit the bed. One minute I was taking pictures of an awesome glitter, the next minute I got an E32 (or something similar) message, which is apparently a fatal error.

So. I took advantage of your American black Friday sales and ordered a new camera (although I had to cheat the system a bit to get it and have it shipped to Jen... so bad, I know, but it was over $100 more on the Canadian website and nobody's made of money so...), which should be getting to my lovely mule by the middle of next week.

Can I also just mention how sad I am? Like pathetic, not emotionally sad. Although I was devastated when my camera died... it was like losing an old friend. I've had it since my first year, so we've gone through university together! Anyway, when I realized that was the end for my camera, I went to evilbay to... see if I could get the exact same camera. I am a creature of habit.

Alas, I went with another Canon, which I read awesome reviews for, and it sounds like it will suit my purposes well. But... RIP, Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. I'm going to keep you anyway, because you don't cast your friends off because they're old and inefficient hags, right? Exactly.

I've got a couple of swatches, I think, that I can post in the meantime, if they didn't turn out horribly. I will have a look soon. I have those sexy new Ozotics to show you guys too... I'll have to swatch them right away once I get my new baby! They're... I have no words. Also coming up... did I mention Ozotics? A couple of Christmas-y manicures, a sexy sexy layering that made me die a little (a lot) when I tried it out and a stamping idea that's been floating in my head for ages. Can't wait to get my camera to share with you guys!

Talk to you all soon! And hopefully I have some new pictures for you soon!



  1. I'm glad to hear you don't cast off your friends when they become old inefficient hags....that might be me soon LOL

  2. Just reading about what you have in store for us is making me all happy! I can't wait to see your Ozotics and layerings! ^_^


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