14 December 2011

China Glaze "Colours from the Capitol" Hunger Games Official Swatch Sheet!

Hi loves. I'm sure this is popping up everywhere right now but just in case you haven't seen it, here's the official swatch sheet for the China Glaze Hunger Games collection, called Colours from the Capitol.

So, what do you guys think? I think the last row looks flawless and obviously I'm going to need Agro! Mahogany Magic and Foie Gras (I love taupey colours and can never get enough of them) look gorgeous too! Will you be picking any of these up? Have you read the Hunger Games? I haven't yet but I'd like to!



  1. Luxe and Lush looks fabulous! Riveting looks awesome too.

  2. I would definitely like to pick some of these up!! I haven't read Hunger Games but the plot reminds me of Battle Royale.

  3. OoOoOo!!!! Nice! I have a hard time deciding which I like best- Luxe and Lush is a no brain-er but I'm really digging Foie Gras and Hook and Line!

  4. I really like these, my faves are Electrify , Fast Track Luxe and Lush, wonder if they'll be available here.

  5. Ohhh my gosh... I love them all. I have read the hunger games twice and NEED THESE ...badly.


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