19 December 2011

Christmas mani #2: the presents are falling!

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I can't believe there's less than a week until Christmas. Crazy! I'm sure we're all feeling overwhelmed and a bit panicked. The holidays are excellent but crazy stressful, non? I finally had my last exam last night... this semester is finally over, yay! It was definitely one of my roughest yet, too much work stress but hopefully that'll be better next semester.

Before I get started on today's post, I want to say hi to the mother and daughter I met at my work on Saturday! They were so sweet and complimented my ombre nails (I'll show them soon!) and they said I had pretty nails... :$ It's nice to hear that in real life! I think I've learned a lot about what works for my nails in pictures so I always think they look better in photos... not that they're a lie or anything... I have no idea where I'm going with this. Basically, the mother mentioned seeing ombre nails on pinterest, which led to me telling them I had a nail blog, which they asked me to write down so yeah. If you're reading, hello! It was so cool to meet you, I never meet lacquerheads in real life!

ANYWAY, onto today's nails. I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while and decided to just attempt it while I was reading today. The second set of BM plates has a sleigh with a present on it, as well as wrapped presents... so I decided to make it look like presents were falling off the sleigh and into the snowy sky.

I started with two coats of OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue (the name makes me want to die but it's freaking gorgeous omg. Unique? Not particularly. But stunning all the same!) Then I stamped using Nicole by OPI Positive Energy. :) I didn't use topcoat because... because it's me, honestly, and because I've been smudging my designs lately and I didn't want to take any chances!

Also, sorry for the bad lighting... the weather has been awful here! I really need to build a light box. :(

Yeaaaaaaah. I should've thought of this before but the presents are much bigger than the sleigh. As I said to Jen when we were talking about it - that's the magic of Christmas, bishes! ;)

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!



  1. So cuteeeeeee! Except I hate you that your nails are big enough for this stamp!

  2. I love the blue/silver design. It's Christmas-y and classy. And about the presents- christmas means never having to worry about scale. The presents use the same magic to fit in the sleigh as Santa uses to get down the chimney. Duh! ;p Very cute. :)

  3. Totally cool mani! Haven't seen anything similar!

  4. I know I already tweeted you about this-but it is still stunning! I must get that blue!

  5. I'm still drooling over this blue shade, I think it's pretty unique because I'm on a hunt for a shade like this but I can't find it

  6. This is such a beautiful mani!

  7. Just gorgeous! How festive and fun! I love it!


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