06 December 2011

Nubar Orange Glitter

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy... Tuesday? The start of this week is hell for me... classes ended on Friday for us and exams started on Monday. Guess who has two exams in the first two days of the exam period and still had to work and finish assignments for other classes? Yep. Thank god it'll be over for a bit after tonight... then I'll be in the home stretch, kind of!

So today's polish is Nubar Orange Glitter. I got this from my love Jen because it's like all the things I like in one bottle. It's orange, it's glitter and it's from Jen. Though "from Jen" isn't in the bottle, but you know what I mean. Wow, brain. You should really move on here. Yes. Good idea.

This is also the last set of pictures I had on my old camera before it died! It actually died while I was taking these pictures lol!

Orange Glitter is so pretty. I wanted to wear it before fall was over because it's a very "fall" colour to me. Formula was okay but a bit thin, it took me four thin coats to get it to the opacity I wanted but I imagine shorter nails could get away with three. And yes, this is one hungry glitter. I used three coats of topcoat (should've used something thicker than Essie To Dry For haha) and it was still gritty and parched. But I love my glitters gritty, so I didn't mind. :)

My camera is supposed to be here tomorrow! I'm so excited! Hopefully I can get some pictures of these gorgeous babies.

;asdhga;ksdj Yeah. That.

That's it! What do you lovelies think? Have you been rocking any glitters lately? :)

 Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!



  1. Really love the colour of this glitter, very pretty!

  2. This is a stunning glitter!! I'm also looking forward to seeing that holo!! Sorry to hear that your camera died. :(

  3. Please please please DO NOT post pictures of the ;asdhga;ksdj. My wallet says thanks.

  4. Oh wow... that's such a lovely coppery orange colour. NEED.

    And that holo!! -drool-


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