29 February 2012

Icing Magnetix swatches, part one: silver and gold

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Wednesday! No pink today (again haha) but I have a couple of swatches of some pretty magnetic polishes instead. Icing/Claire's is always good for making affordable alternatives to popular polishes and trends (I have another one coming up soon) and they released four magnetic polishes (and recently added a fifth, and it's GREEN <3) and they're cool and the magnets rock. So, let's get to it, shall we?

But before I start... this will please Diana, since she was the one who alerted me to the fact that I was close...

Yay! 1234 followers! That's awesome and appeals to my love for stuff like this. Thank you all for joining me! I feel like blogging is a bit of a quest... I have no idea what I'm searching for, really, but the journey has been excellent and I'm just happy that there are really absolutely insane people out there who like what I do. :)

Anyway! I think I'll have three posts of these babies. Two, two and one. Obviously the green one gets its own post. Are you surprised? I didn't think so. So today, I've got the silver and greeny-gold to show you. They're beautiful. Also, I inadvertently seem to have split these up into posts where I used the line magnet on two and the curvy magnet on two. My brain sometimes, honestly. Although maybe that will be better? We'll see. I also did a comparison of a couple of the magnets that I have but there's a rant to go along with that one so it will be separate.

First up is the silver magnetic, this one is beautiful and sparkly, I really like it. This was two coats. I'm going to mention a couple of things at the end but I figure pictures first and more words after, right?

I included macro shots so you could see the finish better... these are perfectly smooth but I just love how they look in macro. Sometimes I freaking love macro.

Next is the greeny-gold one. I'm not really sure what colour to call it haha. It looks too green to be pure gold to me, but it isn't purely green either. I just called it "gold" in the post title because it was easier. This was also two coats. This is definitely one of my favourites. Such an interesting colour and it's just so freaking pretty. I've worn this one multiple times - magnetic polishes are great for fast manis that are sure to get attention!

I love the larger shimmer particles in this one. It makes clean up a bit rough if you polish like you're going through caffeine withdrawal are a bit messy but it's definitely worth it, in my opinion!

Okay. So, just a quick couple of FAQs to get out of the way...

  • Can I do multiple coats? Yes, you can do multiple coats when using a magnetic polish. I usually test the polish out on my thumb or a nail wheel to see how opaque it is. Often, they're nice enough that you can get away with one coat. You wouldn't need to do the design for each coat, though - just for the final coat. :)
  • Do I have to use the magnet after I polish each nail? I personally cannot get the magnetic to work and produce a good design if I try to paint multiple nails at once and then go back and use the magnet. For me, the best method is to polish, then use the magnet right away.
  • How long should I hold the magnet in place for? How long I hold the magnet in place depends on how strong I want the contrast to be. For these two, I wanted it to be as strong as I could make it, so it was usually about 15 to 20 seconds per nail. If you want something a little less bold, I'd go for 10 to 15.
  • How close does the magnet need to be to my nail? As close as you can get it without actually touching the magnet to the nail. Of course, this again comes down to preference - the closer the magnet is, the stronger the force pulling your particles up will be. But if you have longer nails, also keep in mind that keeping it closer will give the most even design. If you hold it at more of an angle, you may miss your tips when you're using magnets designed like this one, which have little cuticle rests.
Okay! Now, onto one of the only negatives to these little beauties... the brushes. The brushes are an absolute pain in the ass. There was something wrong with every one of the original four I got. Either the brush was like a freaking mop or it was bent at wonky angles or had bristles going everywhere. I think the brushes were too long for the bottles, so crazy things happened to them while they were waiting to come home with me. Either way, it meant more clean up for me, since I'm generally not the most neat polisher anyway.

BUT when I went and got the green magnetic polish, I noticed that the brush had changed. It was perfect. Pristine. I showed my roommate and was incredibly enthusiastic about it and I think she thought I was a bit mental but it was exciting. So I think they realised that the original brushes were a problem and the newer batches should have that problem corrected. To be safe, though, if you can, I'd say to discreetly check the brushes if you can. It sucks that something like that makes it hard to apply such pretty polishes!

The other con is availability... these aren't available online (unless you want to get scalped on ebay... keep in mind that these aren't even $10 here and Icing and Claire's always have a BOGO deal on nail polishes and you'll see what I mean) and unless you have an Icing or Claire's in the area, I'm not sure what you can do. I'd recommend finding someone to swap or CP (custom purchase) for these if you really want them, but keep in mind that nail polish is hazardous material, so the person that you've asked to ship them to you is taking a risk, just like you are by trusting that they'll do it! So make sure you ask a friend or someone you know will follow through. :)

Other than that, these are sexcellent and even shitty brushes won't put me off wearing the heck out of them. 

What do you lovelies think? Have you scooped any of these up? Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!


  1. I love the green one on you! So pretty!

  2. I just bought my first magnetic polish (Layla brand)and can't wait to try it! I want to grab the Icing polishes but I'm so lazy I wish I could just get them online...

  3. That third picture is so hot, your nails are attracting me (HA HA get it? Oh my god I am so lame) like a crazy person!

    But really, the second color is so far the only thing I have liked from magnetic polishes!

  4. these are gorgeous! my icing only had ONE left when I went sadly.. snatched it up but need to go back for these :)

  5. I have yet to find these!! They look great though. Congrats on 1234. Thanks so great ;0).

  6. Ooohhh, I especially like the greeny-gold one of these two. Can't wait to see the other posts. Oh and stunning Macros :D <3 xx

  7. oooooohhh i love the green!!! beautimous on you doll!

  8. I love your close-up photos! Oh, and the gold is absolutely stunning!

  9. I have the gold also! I only planned on buying two so I got the blue also. The lady at the store tempted me by informing that they got a new color, a dark green!

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  11. You did these so well! I gave up on the awful brushes. I took a brush from a bottle I don't use anymore, cleaned it with acetone, and used that. It's a pain but it worked much better. That being said, other than the brushes, these are amazing. I bought the green and blue. (The green absolutely blew my mind.) The magnets are stronger than much more expensive alternatives. Scoop these up if you see them. They get lots of compliments :) Love love love.

  12. I love magnetic's and the first one, silver is fantastic but unfortunately I don't have this brand, jet ;)

  13. I'm always late to the game, so I just bought mine yesterday. I got the blue & burgundy and the brush for the blue is just what you said, like a mop! I even showed hubby & he said "now, how are you supposed to paint with THAT?"...the burgundy one is perfect though!! I am exchanging the blue one today. I am not paying $9 for polish that will just irritate me. lol

    If anyone *needs* some, just email me at Marjori(at)StampingIsMyBiz(dot)com and I will see what I can get. I promise I will look at the brushes before buying. lol

    LOVE your blog BTW. :o)


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