13 March 2012

butter LONDON Disco Biscuit and Bossy Boots

Hello lacquered lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I've been all optimistic about the beginning of the week lately because it means that I'm nearing the end of this semester from hell... although this week is proof that it is the semester from hell. I can't handle the amount of things I have due this week. Bye bye sleep!

Today I've got two of the spring/summer butter LONDON polishes to share with you. These are my first bLs so I was so excited to try them out. Spoiler alert: they definitely didn't disappoint. The two I've got to share with you today are Disco Biscuit and Bossy Boots.

Disco Biscuit is so awesome. It's a really pretty bright pink jelly with lots and lots of microglitter. I haven't decided if I think it's more blue or more purple yet... maybe it's both! It was definitely a bit sheer, I used four coats for the pictures. If you've got shorter nails you could probably get away with three or even two - I just thought the VNL (which ordinarily doesn't bother me!) was a bit too obvious for the pictures. I wasn't expecting it but this one dried a bit dull - I think it must be all the glitter. I added topcoat for these pictures!

Bossy Boots is an awesome slightly minty pistachio green. I've heard that this one is very similar to Essie Navigate Her. I have a comparison coming up with it soon too - a couple of you suggested a possible dupe when I tweeted a picture of this one :) The formula on this is gorgeous. I've heard awesome things about bL cremes so I was dying to try one... it was perfect. It went exactly where I wanted it to and I barely needed another coat! I used two coats here, no topcoat. Isn't this a perfect springy colour? It gave me lobster hands a bit, but not nearly as bad as some others in this colour family. I think the bit of yellow helps balance it out!

I included the second picture because it shows more of the yellow... it's not quite that yellow in person, obviously! It was a deceptively tricky colour to capture properly!

Overall, I'm super impressed by these. They're still a bit pricey but I think they'll be worth a bit of a splurge at some point, hopefully in the near future! I think I need to try some more of their cremes... the formula was seriously flawless.

You can get butterLONDON polishes from Nail Polish Canada. They retail for $17... like I said, a bit pricey but definitely worth it if you're looking to splurge on some really nice polishes! Nail Polish Canada is also running a contest to give one lucky winner the entire spring/summer collection! You can enter by clicking here. I love Nail Polish Canada, I've always had really good experiences with them (I bought my mom's birthday present from them and had it shipped to her!) and I love how often they run awesome contests! They also offer free shipping over $29... I think most of us can attest to how ridiculous some of the shipping minimums are to get free shipping so I appreciate that too.

So, what do you guys think? Do you own any butterLONDON polishes? What are your favourites? :)

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

The products in this post were provided to me for review. For more information, see my disclosure tab above.


  1. Ooooooooh how I loooooove Disco Biscuit! I might have to crack and pay the $17 for it!!! I think I can justify it, right?

  2. That 2nd picture of Bossy Boots looks fantastic on you!

  3. I like Disco Biscuit! The name is really strange and that's what makes it memorable for me!

    1. I read on a blog what Disco Biscuit means in UK terms...all the names tend to be UK landmarks or slang. I am thinking that a Disco Biscuit was some kind of a club drug - but would have to do a google search and really look for it. But I know it was not a really flattering slang term.

  4. Nice colours, they look both very good on you :)

  5. I have 8 butter LONDONs and would have more if I didn't have so many other polishes! All Hail the Queen is my favorite followed by The Black Knight and Victoriana. Bluey is great, too. I haven't come across one I don't like yet!

  6. Bossy Boots is a great shade... :)

  7. have both of these and really adore them - despite Butter London does not last on me very long at all - lucky to get 1 full day without chipping. But I fell for their summer collection. Wish I could find the SpaRitual Water collection - that lasts well on me and I am in love with their colors in that collection!

  8. Kirsten, I love you dearly and you're my sister.
    But sometimes, you're a total nutter.
    I lol'd at lobster hands.
    Love youuu, see you for graduation!

  9. These are both gorgeous colors, perfect for spring. I agree with beachgal above - sadly, I can't get Butter Londons to last more than a day on me without chipping, and I've tried every top/base coat combo possible. However, I still buy, use and love my Butter Londons! I'm just super picky about the colors that I purchase from them and make sure they are unique enough to deal with the chippiness I experience =)


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